06-20-12 02:13 AM
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    It's Monday - Playbooks are working.
    (well, hopefully most of them are. Game mode is over for several hours)
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    06-11-12 11:32 AM
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    You may have read this post before. Now we are doing it again - buying more Playbooks. After a regional review meeting last week, managers are clamoring for Playbooks and we bought 5 more today.
    No hype, no fanboys, no campaigns - just solid performance-improving results that people want to utilize. It works for us. It works for me.

    We're a business, and just bought 10 more Playbooks.
    We're using them for...

    --field input-retrieve platform for web-based services like Salesforce.com (the screen is much better for inputting than a smartphone). This is for salespeople and also field service people. General SFDC use as well as Workflows (automated routing of multi-person actions)
    --General use as companion to BB Bold, Curve and Torch phones for viewing larger email attachments, web access, etc. Some of our emails are just too large, or the attachments are too large, for a smartphone to work really well.

    The first item above is a big part of our customer strategy and field performance improvement.

    Doing this with any other tablet that we considered would cost us much more $$$$, both up front and also in ongoing monthly fees. $30-40 per month in fees saved is $400-500 per year - more than the tablet cost.
    (we welcome any constructive posts to this thread - from any perspective on the tablets. Don't bring attacks or personal criticisms, or you will be shut out).
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    06-20-12 01:47 AM
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    That is awesome news Glassofpinot!
    So glad they are working great for your employees and that they can utilize them to the fullest.
    Just think how much more they will love them when the PB's get upgraded to the BB10!
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    06-20-12 02:13 AM
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