1. walt63's Avatar
    Usually when I go to the gym for cardio, I either get on the treadmill or elliptical. While exercising, my Bold usually gets the job done in regards to music - jamming to my "Getting Fit" mix.

    Last night, I decided to switch it up for this morning's workout. I rented Safe House in preparation to watch it while at the gym.

    This was my first time doing the video thing on the BBPB. First, the library is pretty good. It has a decent selection of movies. Secondly, the quality of the video was pretty good as well. Love the HD quality. One con that I noticed was that I couldn't use full screen, but I'm assuming that's base on the aspect ratio of the video. Also, the scrubbing was kind of weak but I can manage. Overall, I like what the BBPB offers with the videos. My cons are really nothing to have a hissy-fit over but just if I had it my way.

    The place I workout at has free WiFi, I'll soon take full advantage of that as well.

    I've had the BBPB for about eight months. The more I engage with it, the more I like it.

    Sent from Bold 9930 #blackberrybychoice
    08-08-12 08:16 AM
  2. jrohland's Avatar
    I use Amazon Prime to watch vid on my PB. As a rule it is quite good. It does (naturally) depend on how busy my home WiFi is. I have a housemate who uses Xbox Live (voice) and a streaming video service to the Xbox pretty often. When that is going on, I can get pauses in the playback.

    On the very rare occasion I stream vid at work, it is very nice. We have multiple high-speed connections to the Internet and the WiFi router is about a meter from my desk.
    08-08-12 08:33 AM
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    We need the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps. That' the main reason I also own Apple and Android tablets. At $8 a month each, they are a bargain compared to buying movies. My wish from RIM are support for these apps, and a 10" Playbook. If that ever comes to fruition, my Ipad 3, Toshiba Thrive, and Asus Transformer Infinity Pad will find themselves for sale on eBay.
    08-08-12 08:44 AM