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    Withdrawn unable to delete
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    02-06-12 05:27 AM
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    just keep the thing, dead spots and all...you could name them say, steve and olivia...come up with a good back story...dead pixel from the mean streets of L.A. meets dead pixel from the country club...maybe they could team up and fight injustice around telephone outsourcing...
    02-06-12 05:41 AM
  3. bllbored's Avatar
    aww...bet you'll miss steve and olivia
    02-06-12 06:02 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Good luck with the replacement.
    02-06-12 09:24 AM
  5. missing_K-W's Avatar
    Hope all works out
    02-06-12 09:46 AM
  6. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience. Hope your replacement is perfect.
    02-06-12 12:33 PM
  7. kennyliu's Avatar
    All's well that ends well
    02-07-12 08:41 PM
  8. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    Glad to hear it. Hope the next experience is much better than the last one.
    02-07-12 08:55 PM
  9. FSeverino's Avatar
    seems like better customer service then any company ive dealt with...
    02-07-12 09:41 PM
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    seems like better customer service then any company ive dealt with...
    Surely, you're joking.
    02-07-12 10:15 PM
  11. FSeverino's Avatar

    what did it take... an hour to solve the problem?
    when i call to change my phone plan it takes an hour, then i notice the next month that they did it wrong and have to be on the phone another hour.

    when i discuss 'anything' with bestbuy it takes hours...

    so, it may not be THE BEST service, but it is far from the worst.
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    02-07-12 10:18 PM
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    I had a dead pixel on my 64 PB. So far it's been a week of incident number, case number, ticket number, emails, tracking number, more emails, and am still waiting for resolution. I've never seen a more bureaucratic customer service operation in my life.
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    02-07-12 10:23 PM