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    Does anyone know if you can run .jnlp files on the playbook? Is this even a possibility in the future? jw. I use an online question bank called usmleworld and i was wondering if i can run it on the pb. Right now I can use it with vnc but it's not the same.
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    06-18-11 12:22 PM
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    Anyone ever got a jnlp running?
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    04-20-12 05:48 AM
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    in the same boat. Use a grading program that was created by Apple, then bought by Pearson Learning. It supports Java, but cant get it loaded on PB as well.
    05-06-12 06:05 PM
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    Sad to say, as of this morning April 5th, was on phone with Tech at BB. As I needed to run a program that uses JNLP and was told at the moment OS10 does not support it..
    I'm trying to figure a work around .. wish me luck. If I find it I will share with all.
    04-05-13 10:34 PM
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    Try This Second Browser and see if it will let you do what you want, via a ( m. ) address of the site your trying to access.. just an ideal that may only be worth what you paid for it..
    Below is my problem that I had with a site as well that native Z10 would not load either mobile or directly thru the platform.. Read On
    Hi Addicts,
    Loving the Z, want to update the latest find on an issue I wrote about earlier with Java , the native Z10 browser and what I just found.. after much research, 2 calls confirmed with BB. As well I will be calling em back tomorrow so that I can share what I discovered. There have been a few other Addicts with the same issue I was having... a refresher.. I have a company in France that I'm subscribed to, that provides me real time data. Their platform is a charting analysis platform using Java, and JNLP files when using a Desktop similar hardware with either a Mac or Windows machine.
    However they also have a mobile capable part that is offered. In past with previous BB phones, which I have been using in the past 20 years, OS 7 and down had no issues when using the phone and the mobile platform. Then I get my new Z10 and a few other my business associates as well, none of us could access the mobile Side. Contacted the company in France, there tech's are telling me to enable Cookies and Clear Cache.. well that made no difference. . Blackberry techs, said turn on the developer side on the Z10 and enable the Desktop, etc. That did nothing either.. at the end of both calls to BB. Techs, said "at this time the Z10 Browser does not support that company's Mobile Web site" I thought that is interesting, yet I was not having issues with mobile web sites.. Upon further work, I came across someone who mentions the Playbook OS 10 and Z10 OS and the NAIJA Browser.
    Went to Blackberry World, Downloaded it on the Z10 and WOW! I now am able to access the Mobile Web site of the company in France.
    All this said to say the I have the Best of Both Worlds with two Browsers.. the Z10 native which is great and the Naija Browser to do what I was not able to do with native Z10..
    ps.. for those of you having similar issues for a particular site you might try the Naija Browser offered Free on Blackberry World
    04-08-13 04:47 PM