1. drusmom's Avatar
    What programs are out there to convert and download a movie to my Playbook? I use to do it a while ago to my BB phone but don't remember what I used....if anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I LOVE my playbook..can't wait to watch the movie on it. Thanks for the help!
    02-29-12 07:44 PM
  2. calles's Avatar
    02-29-12 07:52 PM
  3. WillieLee's Avatar
    What a criminal.

    Try Handbrake.
    02-29-12 07:54 PM
  4. drusmom's Avatar
    I don't think that I am a criminal...I am looking to convert movies that I have at home to a format that can be watched on my PlayBook....
    02-29-12 08:15 PM
  5. Spacesurfer101's Avatar
    Handbrake will decrypt your DVDs if you use it on OS X. If your using Windows, try DVD Decrypter to put the files on your harddrive and Handbrake to encode them into what ever format you want.
    02-29-12 09:10 PM
  6. owimes's Avatar
    I use frostbite, some work some don't. But I get a lot of movies.
    02-29-12 09:18 PM
  7. wiggy1's Avatar
    Criminal...Takes one to know one

    DVD Decrypter still works with many movies, but I am finding more and more that it is not ripping some of the newer titles. I was searching recently and came across Aimer DVD Ripper 5.1, but I haven't installed it to see how well it works.You might search the interwebs to see if you can find more about it.

    Also, I found that all the movies I converted using Handbrake for my iPad are playing great on the playbook. They aren't optimized for the different screen dimension so I get a little bit of letterboxing with some titles. But I was glad that I didn't have to reprocess any titles. Also, I just transfered them over the USB, no fancy syncing required and the PB video program found them all just fine (for those that are wondering about transfering).
    02-29-12 09:18 PM
  8. Hawnz's Avatar
    When they have them, I have used giveawayoftheday.com for a free DVD ripper program. I have an iPads, so I use an iPad setting and the videos play on the Playbook.
    02-29-12 09:27 PM
  9. dthoupis's Avatar
    Also a nice addition for Youtube or equivalent videos is YouTube Converter - ClipConverter.cc

    You can download any resolution. I downloaded the Italian San Remo winner (duet version) in HD just to wow everyone at work how PB does that so easily! And even more, you can use this directly from the PB browser and download directly on the PB.
    03-01-12 09:29 AM
  10. awesomeadil's Avatar
    I use Super converter but sometimes using it can be a pain in the backside... but its free
    03-01-12 09:32 AM