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    Re: BlackBerry Bridge updated with bug fixes for issues encountered by some users | CrackBerry.com

    Installed the new Bridge update and left a comment:

    Hmm, after updating [Bridge] (and restarting the Z10 to be sure) my media card is indeed accessible from the PlayBook. But a directory with PB-compatible movie files is listed as "There are no files that can be opened by PlayBook".

    So something is still wrong... No 10.2.1 yet (T-Mobile) so that's a possibility but I wonder if it's something else...

    As a test, I moved an mp4 that is on my Z10 to the playbook itself. The Z10 plays the file; the Playbook plays the file. But when accessing the directory containing the Z10 clone via Bridge on the PB I get the dreaded, "There are no files that can be opened by PlayBook".

    The person I replied to did not seem to be having this problem. Is it *definitely* a pre-10.2.1 issue? Any thoughts or suggestions?

    02-26-14 02:27 PM
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    You can view some media on the PB over bridge (music, photos) but you cannot view videos (at least that is my understanding). I'm on and it doesn't work. I believe BT does not have sufficient bandwidth to allow video streaming from the phone to the PB. Does not work over wi-fi either (which I think would be a relatively easy fix for BB - make the PB a wi-fi direct reciever of sorts?).
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    02-27-14 11:47 AM
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    Thanks KDB84. That makes perfect sense, given the limitations of bluetooth. What gave me pause is this statement of @thatplaybookguy at the same link:

    "since this update you can push ALL media to your playbook. I was fooling around with it last night after the bridge update. I pushed full length movies, pics, music and it worked flawlessly. Also pushed emails, texts, bbm to it as well. All through bluetooth without a hitch."

    I could not get this to work. So apparently thatplaybookguy is mistaken about "full length movies" being pushed to the playbook with the new bridge...

    02-27-14 04:58 PM

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