1. briankstan's Avatar
    I have some videos that I recorded using my playbook. I recently purchased a 64gb model and want to move the videos over. I copied them to the computer and renamed them. then when moving them onto the new playbook I get a video not supported message. I also tried to play them on the computer and get a error message as well.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what would cause this. I"m on version 2.0.7111
    01-31-12 10:44 AM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    I'd suggest you try to sync using Desktop Manager.
    I read something like "if you move a single file it won't work, you have to move the whole folder" but it was on the other hand: PC->PBook. But there's something about multimedia file management that doesn't look totally polished in 2.0 beta
    01-31-12 10:54 AM