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    I know this has been posted before but I'm still trying to find out the ideal formats. What exactly have you had success playing? I know MP4 works fine but tends to be large when converted with handbrake, I found some presets on these forums but they tend to make the file size huge. Would an iPad preset work well enough?

    What about AVI files, are there certain types that work? I tried one and there was an odd sound in the background when I played it on the playbook that wasn't there before hand. Any way to play MKV files?

    Thanks in advance, I'm just trying to work out what can be played and figure out which offers the smallest file sizes. I have a 64G pb so it's not a huge deal but I'd prefer not to have to convert everything I download to watch.
    09-28-12 12:47 PM
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    According to RIM mkv is supported and MP4 is recommended. In Handbrake try turning down the avg bitrate in the video tab. That will result in much smaller files.

    I can't attach a file for some reason but if you goggle "
    playpook supported video formats" you will find the pdf for the all the supported and recommended formats and codecs.
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    09-28-12 01:52 PM
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    Ipad presets usually work well but bear in mind ipad is 4:3 screen ratio so there may be a better one - I don't use handbrake as I'm usually converting recordings from my freeview hd box (humax)

    Best bet is to get a small video (5-10 min) and try a variety of presets.

    I also purchased watchmore as I had a lot of div x converted for ipad with ac3 audio that playbook cannot play - watchmore converts it on the playbook - its not needed if you don't mind doing on pc but I wanted to find a way without :-)


    09-28-12 02:02 PM
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    I have found it is worth to buy a good DVD decoder and converter software if you have a huge collection. You will have much better speed, success and the end result is better quality. Yes, most of the free software will work good if you only have a couple of DVD's.
    I do all my video files (250+) in MP4 format.
    Now the audio bitrate and data rate depends on where (tablet or TV, and size TV) and hard disk space you have. All my video has been converted to about 1200 video data rate and 128 audio bitrate. A normal lenght movie is then usually just under or about 1 GB. 1000 video rate will also works perfectly. My intention is to only play these on tablets (I have PB, Xoom and iPad) or for TV's up to 30inches size. On bigger TV's I sometimes looses quality at these settings.
    I am also in the habbit if I receive/download any video file (MKV, avi, even another MP4), to convert them to my settings as I know that works.
    Hope this helps a bit.
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    09-28-12 02:28 PM
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    Best bet is to get a small video (5-10 min) and try a variety of presets.
    Yes, that is what I did also for my settings and advice posted above.
    09-28-12 02:29 PM
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    Nice to hear playbook supports mkv, my phone doesn't.

    Personally I have used a wide range of free converters and tried trial for paid converters and I recommend DVDranger.

    I have converted movies in 18 to 25 minutes on my i7 and with excellent quality it was almost hard to believe. The mkv file for an average 90min movie is usually 600mb using dvdranger. However the aim now is to reach 399mb is what most froums dealing with video want with also factoring length of a movie. I suspect files this size is ideal for playbook, but from what I understand going any lower than 399mb will seriously push out crappy vids.

    To reach such small files size with excellent quality requires many hours of encoding.

    I recommend dvdranger, it was purchase of software I dnt regret however its works best with original dvds or blurays not ones shrunk. Encoding of shrinked dvds etc gives a minor jitter every 20min of plaback.

    Atleast try the trial and tell me you're not impressed.
    09-28-12 06:21 PM