1. Jmitchell147's Avatar
    I was wondering what settings people are using when converting videos to play on the PlayBook? Prior to 2.x I converted a number of movies and they worked fine. I went back to them and discovered that now when they play I only get the background sound, not the dialog.
    I was hoping to put a few movies on my pb for my daughter while traveling over the holidays but the settings I used to use to convert to mp4 obviously don't cut it anymore.
    12-20-12 11:38 PM
  2. johnfenno's Avatar
    I was the same...I spent hours converting movies on my windows desktop to play on my PB till I discovered Kalemsoft Media player. seriously I would recommend stumping up the 5 because its a brilliant app it plays virtually any format you chuck at it. in fact I've not found a format it won't play
    12-21-12 05:03 AM

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