1. dave_h_946's Avatar
    As the title says I get this error every time I try to call a person. This person is online...confirmed. Trying to call other people who I also know they are online gives me the same error. The error message pops up immediately without lag. Sometimes it let me video chat but it may cut off. Trying to call without video does not change anything.

    Info: PB is on wifi, PINs are correct, up until few days ago I was video chatting without issues - it just happened out of the blue, flash and javascript in the browser are enabled (just in case but disabled did not resolve the problem), wifi file sharing on/off no change, bluetooth on/off no change. I read that it might be my router's problem (virgin uk superhub) so I turned off the router's firewall but nothing changed. Haven't tried it with another wifi yet.

    Any advice/guidance?
    01-08-13 05:11 PM
  2. pccdromaw's Avatar
    I get same thing.
    01-23-13 03:38 PM
  3. mared_3400's Avatar
    Not sure if any of you is still interested in knowing the fix for this. I was having exactly the same problem. Most probably you are signed out of BlackBerry World. Make sure you go to BB world and try to install an application, if you are signed out it will prompt you to sign in. Once singed in, go back to the video chat application and try it out.
    It worked for me.

    Good luck.
    09-15-14 06:49 PM

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