08-05-13 10:43 AM
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    I was planning on shooting an email over to the PlayBook support address this weekend, but if anyone has a better contact, be my guest.

    I have had the freezing issue three times now, the first time while my files were already encrypted. The freezing presented itself shortly after I had moved several movies to a desktop as well as activated encryption, which led me to initially believe that the processor could not handle recording encrypted 1080p. That time, decrypting the files solved the issue.

    More recently, the issue has come back while my files were already decrypted, but always after moving a large quantity of files to or from the PlayBook. Tweaking my previous solution, I tried encrypting the PlayBook, restarting, and then immediately decrypting it. This solves the freezing issue until, it seems, another large number of files are moved. It points to a possible corruption issue with the file system, but not knowing how the PlayBook's file system is arranged, I couldn't begin to guess what causes this. When I move recordings off daily (2-6 GB per day), it doesn't seem to happen - only when I fall behind and move over 10 GB at once.

    You encrypt files through the Settings panel, under Security. It takes an hour or two for encryption, same with decryption. I set it to encrypt in the morning, reboot at lunch, then decrypt through the afternoon. The PlayBook can still be used while this is taking place, although I avoid file-heavy tasks like recording or downloading.

    Edit: I wonder if this may also be behind the cause of some of the "slow WiFi" issues. I noticed that WiFi file transfers were down to under 200KB/s this week, and after the encrypt/decrypt I am now transferring at 600 KB/s over a G network. It is a finicky network so this may be a coincidence.
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    12-19-12 07:03 AM
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    Canada Panda:

    THANKS for the details of how you discovered this and how you accomplish it. First, I will see if I still have the freeze - I don't use the video often but the freeze was there the first time you posted on this. I will give it a shot a bit later and report back.
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    12-19-12 10:57 AM
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    I decided to bump the thread rather than edit it!

    Okay, tested the camera a bit earlier and got too many freezes - I got 4 video freezes in about 30 seconds of panning my den. The 64gig only has about 2.5 gigs of free space. I decided that before doing any encrypting I would do my own cleanup. Since videos are probably the large individual files on my pb (games are in a separate category), I figured I would move some off the pb. I now have 5gigs of free space. I just shot a 60 pan of my den and it only froze once at about 56 seconds into the video. That's quite a difference.

    So, there's no doubt in my mind that storage space affects the video freeze. While the heart of the pb's storage is not a spinning hard disk, I would guess files and file space can get fragmented. Finding a "gap" in which to write a "sector" or whatever might be what causes the freezing. It is possible that encrypt/decrypt is in effect moving stuff around on the "disk" and maybe creating some order with the underlying "disk table of contents/index" allowing video filming to smooth out its save process.

    I also probably have too many photo ALBUMS and might clean some of those off the pb, thereby freeing up more space.

    So, while I have not gotten to the encrypt/decrypt stage, video is working smoother than it was this morning.

    I do think Rim needs some of this info reported on their forum if not directly to them from someone who has inside contacts (unless, the be-all, end-all bb10 has fixed this stuff - ha!)
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    12-19-12 04:23 PM
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    I guess I can add to the Video Freeze discussion. Today I did a Security Wipe for other reasons but just tested the video. Not an exhaustive test but during a one minute pan of my den, NO freeze. Clearly Rim has to address storage and "file spooling" as a video is saved to the pb's disk storage system. When it either fills up, or empty space on the disk gets fragmented, the pb stalls while a video is being filmed (and stored).
    01-03-13 10:30 PM
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    I've also noticed this issue on my 32GB device. I'll try the suggestions in this thread to see if they help. Very frustrating.
    06-18-13 12:09 AM
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    Ugh. I was hoping that that trick would work and get my FF camera to start working again but no. Checked to see that I've never activated the feature. It also seems that my rear camera isn't working anymore either. Just black screens when trying to switch between them.

    Anyone have any ideas for a fix? I've never gotten the "device full" message, but I'm running low on storage now. Less than 1gb of free space.
    That could be you issue. The PB does not like to be full/close to capacity. I've found that (I have 2 64gb units) if you load it up close to about 5/8 gb left, you will soon start to expeirence issues like you described. I found this issue a couple of weeks ago. I had filled to near capacity for a trip and things started to get wonky.

    I've had them since launch (1 is for work, the other is a media server to tv/AV system.). I have only sideloaded 1 app Eye-Fi).

    I wiped and reloaded the OS image thru DTM, and all is good. snappy and behaving like out of the box.

    I do equate this to my pc's. Every 1.5/2 years, I wipe and reload the complete OS, and they are like new machines.

    Oh, also, you really don't want to mess with the Main Dock Icons to much. Placing Folders, and moving the OEM ones can cause issues also.

    06-18-13 12:04 PM
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    I had the freezing issues today and I just got the PlayBook 2 days ago....HOWEVER...in the two days, I have added a few videos (testing video playback formats, etc...) and after removing the "test" clips......I was getting "stable" 1080p recording......
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    08-05-13 10:43 AM
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