1. jowry's Avatar
    I love my Playbook, but every time I go into the native Playbook Videos location, I find several video ads sitting there which I did not intentionally download. This happens every time I go to a website with the Playbook - there are always several new ad videos there. How do I block this? Thanks.
    03-17-13 10:42 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Odd. I've never had that happen. Did you load or sideload any Android apps? What type of sites are you visiting with the Browser?
    03-17-13 11:04 AM
  3. jowry's Avatar
    I regularly visit Creative COW forum websites, Adobe tutorial websites, Daz3D, Craigslist, Ebay; I Google search a lot, and go to other design related sites. Most of the video ads which show up are for consumer related stuff - products, Cadillac ads, it's just very strange that there would be a hole in the BB security which would just allow this stuff to appear in my Videos folder.
    03-17-13 11:51 AM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    Do they show up in the Videos folder or in the Videos app? They're not the same thing.
    03-17-13 12:04 PM
  5. SPNKr's Avatar
    I get them too, Im pretty sure its a sideloaded android app. Maybe tubemate? since some videos have ads, or pandora. Those are the two that I use the most.
    03-18-13 01:34 AM

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