1. simbany1's Avatar
    So I gave my dad my iPhone 4 and got myself a 9930 on Verizon. Man, I so missed the BB keyboard!! I'm looking to get a Playbook and use the Bridge on my 9930. If I am bridged and i'm browsing the web on the Playbook, am I not able to be on a call? Basically that same issue of Verizon not being able to do simultaneous voice and data except on their 4g phones.

    I want to jump on the current Staples deals for a 32gb or 64gb but not sure if I should wait for an LTE Playbook (if that even happens).
    09-26-11 01:15 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    It uses the data connection of the phone, so no you cannot do simultaneous voice + data unless you are also connected to wifi.
    09-26-11 01:18 PM