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    I am turning my playbook into a car computer.

    I have had some great advice on music and navigation

    I am looking at vcms now it offers speed and compass.

    Is there a better option, perhaps accelerometers, speed, direction, trips ect. For viewing while not driving. But after!! Or buy my passenger could be interesting while in the mountains!

    I would also love that is like a heads up display type app. For a passenger to use! Not driver! I wanna be clear on that!!

    As a driver I got a voice promp gps! And music player like any car! I'm considering where to dock. I'm looking at a cup holder dock so it would stay low out of sight for security and distraction safety! I have seen some deck modified options for securing it!

    I updated this post to be clear! I see how it could look! I respect the dangers of distracted drivers! Before there where laws as it personally effects me daily!

    Not a video player unless I dock it in the back seat for the kids!

    Thanks for any suggestions and thanks for your time!

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    I know a give a basic description of what I'm looking for but it's mainly because I'm open to suggestions

    Thank you

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    Do you realize just how stupid of an idea that is? Do you not have distracted driving laws?

    You need to keep your attention on the road, not a f***ing tablet. I hope I never come across you on the road.

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    09-28-14 08:40 PM
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    How is a tablet fitted to the dash of a car become any different from already existing in car displays? Just because your rickshaw doesn't have a dash, doesn't give you the right to rip on the OP.

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    Drenagade I respect your opinion and concerns but please respect me not being stupid

    It's a gps navigation mainly

    Will play music thru this as well, connecting to my stareo

    Thirdly did you look at the app I recommend above. It's basically a compass that's all I'm getting at.

    The benefits of this for me is when I get to my destination I have pds and other travel info.

    I'm sorry my original post was not clear!! I have edited it! If I could just deleat it from the mobile app I would! I hope to this changes your opinion, I personally have been hugely effected but what a distracted driver can do to my family! A texter! So I understand!

    Thank you for your concern

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    I'll be looking into options and it may never happen! I can be a dreamer!

    Just something mulling over.

    I have seen some neat modified dashes to hold tablets! I saw one on here but could not find it in the search!

    Hay hope this post didn't get people angry it was ment in fun and more the potential to re purpose the playbook!

    Thanks playbook forum

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    I've mulled this over a few times. I wasn't going to integrate it into the dash though, but rather use a tablet mount that uses a flexible pole that you mount to the floor or to a seat bolt. I was going to then use the BlackBerry bluetooth receiver that connects to a amp (or to an AUX in on a head unit) to make it wireless. I was also going to hardwire a USB car charger to the car, hook a USB cable to provide charging.

    For data i was simply going to tether to my phone. From there I didn't know what to do with the software. The built-in music player is OK, but it's not exactly designed for car use. Also, volume control was going to be an issue, as there is no knob. Maps and such were mostly 2nd-rate compare to a real GPS unit like a Tom Tom.

    I've since given up on using the PB as an carPC unit, and will be most likely using a Parrot unit, which uses a modified version of Android, although with many aspects designed for carPC use, including a real navigation app and hands-free voice. The one i'm looking at also has a built-in amplifier, further simplifying my setup. Here is one of the unit's they make. I personally will be looking at the tablet units, but only because my car is a 1961 Lincoln that 1) doesn't have a standard radio cutout, 2) would look pretty awful with the classic dash marred up with a touchscreen unit and most importnat 3) the radio is pretty far away as it is. It's a large car.
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    If it's for GPS navigation and music then it's totally fine
    09-30-14 12:23 AM
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    If it's sunk in the dash and made to look factory I would say you have no problems with distracted driving laws. To each his own. Good luck! And post pics when done.

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    09-30-14 12:42 AM

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