1. 312Lorden's Avatar
    In Blackberry store, the in vehicle charger sells for $19.99. Is this worth it? And is a similar one available elsewhere for less?

    OK I saw some OEM ones costing less. Comments and reviews?
    05-24-13 12:20 AM
  2. Kyle27's Avatar
    I bought the BlackBerry Premium 1.8A In-Vehicle Charger from the CrackBerry Store. I highly recommend you go with that one. It charges my battery much, much faster than the cheap ones.

    In my experience, when it comes to accessories, you're better off to shell out the extra few dollars and buy the official products.

    Just my $0.02.
    05-24-13 12:44 AM
  3. reschp's Avatar
    I have bought a lot of vehicle chargers. Some work in my truck and not my car. Some only work with certain USB cables and not others. One didn't work at all on the PB and gave me the "cannot charge from this source" message on my BB handset. Getting a good charger is worth it. I would trade a few $$$ for no hassles.
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    05-24-13 07:18 AM
  4. tovento's Avatar
    You could also go and buy a decent inverter at an automotive store. It'll be about the same price, though, but will give you flexibility as you can plug anything into it (within reason). If you ONLY plan to charge your playbook, then a car-specific charger would be more convenient.
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    05-24-13 07:30 AM
  5. 312Lorden's Avatar
    Negative comments on the PB specific charger was a long time ago. I am sure that the more recently manufactured ones work better.
    05-24-13 06:16 PM

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