1. khampasong's Avatar
    I was just wondering...Am I the only one who would like to get rid of his PC/laptop? I think the playbook is powerful enough to deal with basic office work and browsing the net...adding up the multimedia features...
    Just add a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and screen via hdmi and...voilà. No need of Windows anymore and one to unite them all (relatively).
    I recognise it is not that easy and it is mostly a problem of motivation and time to port/develop software.
    01-10-12 08:09 AM
  2. OffTheTangent's Avatar
    I don't think you could get rid of it but you could certainly replace a lot of your work. I only carry my macbook if I know i'll need to edit some photos/video/audio or something like that now. If i'm just using word and a browser then I use the playbook.
    Obviously, if you don't need to edit multimedia (or anything along those lines) then you can probably use the playbook even more but I still don't think it can replace everything you'd use a PC for. Maybe if it had the USB host capabilities it would be a different story.
    01-10-12 08:23 AM