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    Hey all,

    Looking for some help with using PB as a remote to play FLAC music files through my home media server. The programs I would like to control are MediaMonkey and/or Foobar2000. I no longer want to use itunes and remote on ipod touch. Anyone have any ideas?

    Furthermore, using the PB to control my home theatre media server that runs with PLEX software. Anyone doing that yet? Anyone have other setups or advice?

    12-29-11 02:25 PM
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    Not sure on the apps you want but I know mine connects great to tversity using the browser and the flashlib..
    12-29-11 04:21 PM
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    There is some program that uses a module on the computer -java and has an app on the pb called CompRemote Lite. You can control the cursor and type ---- which i just started doing after the dashes. i am typing on the pb but this replh window is open on my win vista desktop and im typing on the pb.

    I do not have a bt mouse so that aspect of control is not possible with my setup.

    Aha, I've not really used it. There is a "mouse pad" at the bottom of its screen and a scrollbar to the right side of its screen which is merely a black and white screen with the gray areas for mouse/scrolling.

    It uses wifi and ip addressing to get to the computer from the pb.
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    12-29-11 04:38 PM