1. Bertie Bear's Avatar
    Can a 4G PlayBook be used in the UK & if so, what are the pros & cons?
    06-01-14 05:50 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    The device should work normally on WiFi. If you have roaming enabled on the SIM it should work over cellular, BUT you may find your roaming only gives you access to 3G quality service (depends on the roaming agreements and supported frequency bands). If you can get the device unlocked and use a local (prepay) SIM you should get the full service level provided by your selected SIM provider. However you will find data service for prepay users on most UK networks is extortionately priced if you want a reasonable data allowance, and despite the extravagant claims about coverage you may find 4G service is patchy outside the major cities.
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    06-01-14 06:05 AM

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