08-05-15 07:26 AM
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  1. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    It was solid green and only 42% when you turned it on? That's unusual. But you are getting a lightning bolt on the battery icon and % is going up? Could be a calibration issue since it was just wiped. I'd probably get it to 100% and then just give it a restart and go from there. Your rapid charger will do much better. You just get it close to the fitting and it will magnetically couple. One of the best features of the PB. Never seen it on any other device. No need to check plug orientation. You can do it in the dark!

    The charging problem was much worse before the OS updates. I've flirted with the red battery icon (really low and don't go there) a couple times recently and was scared. But it charged OK. You will know when you are really in trouble when it doesn't boot. PB needs a certain battery level to boot.
    07-19-15 08:28 AM
  2. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    Gooseberry, it's charging but I do not have a lightening bolt.

    Is it better to charge it on, standby or off? I read here that it won't charge when off...is that true?
    07-19-15 11:51 AM
  3. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    So the % is going up with no lightning bolt? That is strange. The PB will charge when off. That is when you get the led indications, charging yellow-green pulse and steady green fully charged. When in standby or on, charging is the lightning bolt on the battery icon and fully charged is the plug picture on the battery icon. It would be fastest when there is no drain on the battery, e.g. off. It will take longer in standby or on simply because it is discharging with the led screen and software running. When you actually get the PB fully charged100%, keep an eye on how long you can use it. If it discharges fairly fast, the battery may be getting bad and I might return it. From what you are telling us, it is not behaving well. I get about 3-4 hours of moderate use.
    07-19-15 01:05 PM
  4. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    Great advice, Gooseberry, thank you again!

    I have not seen a lightening bolt yet, but my battery activity is going up.

    Yesterday, I did so many fixes, I didn't remember if the PB was on or off when I charged it overnight. It was off. I have it turned off now and it's on the factory charger. Hopefully, I'll reach 100% by the end of the week.

    When it was at 42%, my husband got his paws on it for an hour or so and it went down to 32%. That was fast.

    Thanks for the tip on the charging dock! I have that in my Amazon cart.

    Now, to get all these BlackBerrys "blended!"
    07-19-15 02:50 PM
  5. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    Well, it shouldn't take a week to get to 100%, even with the standard charger. There is a hardware reset (vol +/vol -/ power) that you may want to try later if the rapid charger doesn't help. If you have a BBRY phone, Blend won't work. Only Bridge. Also, you should download the Origami browser from BBRY World. Flash browsing is one of the PB's advantage. It is leisurely but still pretty good. Keeps asking questions. We're here to help out.
    07-19-15 06:20 PM
  6. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    Okay, I will leave it off and on the charger until it reaches 100%. Thanks for the tip on Origami!
    07-19-15 08:08 PM
  7. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    I turned the PlayBook on this morning and it was at 46%! YAY!!!!!

    I downloaded Origami, checked the weather and turned it back off. Hopefully it will get to 100% soon.

    I found a rapid charger dock and wire set on Amazon. I'll keep the dock at work and the wire at home.
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    07-20-15 07:56 AM
  8. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    I found this post, which probably describes your situation:

    Since you are not seeing the lightning bolt, I am assuming that you really do not have a PB standard charger even though it may have came with the device. It should really charge 100% in 12 hrs if you are at 30-40% initially. So, just wait til you get the rapid chargers. Does your charger have any BBRY branding on it?
    07-20-15 09:28 AM
  9. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    Thank you Gooseberry!

    The chargers both have the berry on them. Maybe the port is damaged. It is charging, just very, very slowly.

    I'm going to get the rapid charger set today.
    07-20-15 01:02 PM
  10. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    Gooseberry and everyone, thank you! My PlayBook was at 100% when I got home!

    I downloaded the CB app from BW, but I wasn't able to reply.

    I am going to have fun with it.

    Thanks again everyone! More tips are welcome.
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    07-20-15 06:03 PM
  11. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    I took it off the charger when I got home. I connected FaceBook, I didn't set up email, played a game and downloaded one of the few apps available in BW. The battery life was decent. This morning, I played Slacker while I was getting ready for work. It sounds decent.

    One day, I'm going to try sideloading, but I'm not that desperate for apps yet.
    07-22-15 07:42 AM
  12. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    One of the strengths of the PB are its speakers and sound. It is a perfect multimedia device to load with music and videos. Use the HDMI out to play on your HDTV. You can play movies at crackle.com and I think at Amazon Prime through the Origami browser. There are a couple of the Angry Bird series and Plants vs Zombies. The Gameloft games are good if you like situation games.
    07-22-15 11:46 AM
  13. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    I forgot about Crackle and Hulu! Thanks for the reminder!

    I think my chargers came today, so I will bring the PlayBook to work with me tomorrow. The only thing on my wish list is the ability to listen to audiobooks (Audible and Overdrive).
    07-22-15 12:23 PM
  14. dphjeff's Avatar
    OP do I know you???????

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 12:27 PM
  15. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    OP do I know you???????

    Posted via CB10
    OK, the jigs up, Duck, see eh?
    07-22-15 12:42 PM
  16. dphjeff's Avatar
    OK, the jigs up, Duck, see eh?
    Jig? Youens fishen?

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 03:13 PM
  17. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    I don't think so.
    07-22-15 05:12 PM
  18. dphjeff's Avatar
    I don't think so.
    Honey Brown is my friend. Just thought maybe I knowed you?

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 06:56 PM
  19. dphjeff's Avatar
    Guess not. My mistook.

    Posted via CB10
    07-24-15 08:32 PM
  20. firefly2000's Avatar
    I would skip the used one and go with a new one and I would go 64gb. There dirt cheap now and still an excellent tablet. Yes you can charge the Playbook with a Z10 charger. You can also chat with you Z10 as well using your playbook as long as you have two different BB Id's .
    07-24-15 11:12 PM
  21. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    I tried using Crackle and Hulu for movies yesterday. Neither would work, saying the browser wasn't supported.

    What do I need to do for Crackle?
    07-25-15 11:22 AM
  22. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    Open Origami browser. At the upper right see three bars. Click to open and click desktop to have blue bar under it. The rest, private, adblock, and booster should be cleared of blue bar. Then go to settings on that menu. In the user agent set the default to z10 and the desktop to Firefox. It seems to take a couple of minutes to load a movie so give it some time. I don't think anyone was able to get hulu working, tho.
    07-25-15 03:37 PM
  23. mh1983's Avatar
    The app on Goodereader should work too. (Sideloading involved, of course.)

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-15 07:27 PM
  24. Pensa MK's Avatar
    Buy a Surface 3 tablet. This will cure your PlayBook problems. Just kidding...kinda.

    Posted via BlackBerry Z30
    Last edited by Pensa MK; 07-26-15 at 08:54 PM.
    07-26-15 03:27 PM
  25. HonnyBrown's Avatar
    Goose, thanks for the info! I'll do that when I'm at work tomorrow.
    07-26-15 07:41 PM
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