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    For those looking for 64 GB Playbooks and don't mind used/open box items, Amazon Warehouse Deals has some for $299.99 with free shipping and 30 return with full refund:


    Why this might be a good buy:

    - $300 is the cheapest 64 GB I've seen on Craig's List
    - CL is local only. This at least ships in the U.S.
    - 30 return with full refund
    - free shipping
    - These could be the ones people bought from Best Buy at $230 and sold to Amazon for a profit, i.e. these could be brand new units.

    Original thread on slickdeals.net:

    12-23-11 07:13 AM
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    This is my follow-up to the deal...

    I purchased the "used/like new" 64 GB Playbook for $299.99 on Dec. 23rd. I just received it today, Dec. 29th via free UPS shipping.

    The outer slip cover is scuffed up and slightly dented on the corners. If you want a pristine outer slip cover, this deal isn't for you.

    The outer slip cover has three security seals to stick it to the inner box. The inner box has two security seals and no signs that they were removed and then resealed. If the Playbook was repackaged, it was repackaged with a brand new inner box since there are no dents corresponding to the outer slip cover's dents. The inner box is perfect. (For those who received Playbooks without the two security seals, this deal gives you five seals!)

    The manuals are new. The power plug is still in the sealed box.

    The Playbook seems to have had the plastic screen protector slightly lifted at one corner and then put down again, as there are some air bubbles between the screen and the screen protector. The Playbook itself has no fingerprints, as far as I can scrutinize under a bright light. It looks new. I quickly powered it up and noticed six stuck pixels. Once the Playbook goes through the colorful boot, the pixels aren't stuck anymore.

    The build date was 130411, i.e. April 13, 2011.

    Off to install...
    12-30-11 04:26 AM
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    Install went perfectly.

    There were four app updates after installation: Slacker Radio, Facebook, Need for Speed, and Tetris.

    The power button is the raised version.

    There's the bump centered at the RIM logo (which prevents it from lying perfectly flat), but in a case, it should be fine.
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    12-30-11 05:31 AM