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    Between 2008 to 2011 RIM failed miserably by launching Storm and rushed out playbook.I think this caused a lot of damage to customer loyalty.

    To restore that I suggest that RIM permanently price Playbook at 199 or may be slightly higher at 249.They need to have a gross margin of over 5% and that should be enough for time being.

    What this will do is it will steal Kindle fire's thunder and build a buzz among tech crowd as the best tablet for the price.Problem right now is BlackBerry brand has lost a lot of goodwill in last few years.This strategy will help restore it as more people get their hands on a playbook and realize how powerful this device is.This will help build the word of mouth and they can go for a higher pricing when they bring in new playbook hardware sometime next year.

    Also will prepare market for BB10.

    What you guys think??
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    02-18-12 10:14 PM
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    I think it is a very good idea. I'm not a marketing guy, but it seems that the word of mouth advertising along with lots of tech people recommending it would do great.
    02-18-12 10:29 PM
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    rims mistake was launching the playbook in the us and ca only. the us and canada probably make up about a quarter of the total blackberry base and yet this very competitive market was used as the entry point. surely releasing the pb outside of this apple android majority would have been better . i live in nz and still cant get bb music , and a whole hoste of other apps . there are countries lime the uk where bb reigns supreme . a product as good as the pb should have been launched in countries where the usage of bb to other platforms was high.
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    02-19-12 07:22 AM