1. VZretiree's Avatar
    First of all, sorry, but i cannot find this issue here or at Blackberry. I did not have any issues when running the setup to connect my pb to my pc via usb. However, I got a
    "permission required" message when I attempted to transfer photos from the pc to the pb. Went to the Security on pb and Storage & Sharing. Turned file sharing on. restarted pb. Went to pc. Found blackberry manager under start, but nothing happens when I click it. I still get the permission denighed message. Thanks, VZretiree.
    01-22-12 01:04 PM
  2. peter9477's Avatar
    Sounds more like a Windows issue than a PlayBook issue. Maybe you have to run the Desktop Manager program as an Administrator.
    01-22-12 01:53 PM