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    I downloaded a file with a rare file extension to the Playbook and I wanted to email it to myself to transfer it to an old Nokia 800 tablet I have to begin using it. But when I browsed for the file while writing the email in hotmail and in gmail,the Playbook file browser wouldn't find it. And I know it's there in the document folder. I have to use email to transfer to the Nokia. I have the same problem with dropbox, the same file browser comes up and it still can't find the file. Anyone any ideas?
    01-29-12 02:38 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Actually, if you downloaded it using the Browser, it would be in the Downloads folder.

    Air Browser is a free app and you can look around your pb for the file.

    Files&Folders has a built-in email process where if you find the file, you can tag and email it.
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    01-29-12 03:02 PM
  3. jsdhornby's Avatar
    I guess I wasn't clear. Downloading is no problem and yes I can find it with both of my file browsers. BUT, if I try to reupload it as an attachment on my email the Playbook has a separate upload browser which appears offering to look for files as documents, music, videos, or pictures. The problem is that the .torrent file does not appear in THAT browser. Playbook seems to restrict the type of file that can be uploaded. I was hoping maybe someone had a solution. Thanks for your help. Maybe you have another idea?
    01-29-12 08:35 PM
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    I'm sorry! I just noticed your idea of using files and folders built in email capability. That I will try right away.Thanks, thanks, thanks.
    01-29-12 08:43 PM
  5. ralfyguy's Avatar
    You can also use one of your file browsers and rename the file extension to .txt or something else the PB understands, then email it and then rename the extension back to what is was before.
    01-29-12 08:59 PM
  6. Hgouck's Avatar
    You can install "Files and folders" from App world. you will find the file under playbook:/accounts/1000/shared/downloads. select it and in the right pane choose send to. Hope this helps
    01-29-12 08:59 PM
  7. jsdhornby's Avatar
    Wow, this is really helpful, thanks everybody. I downloaded Files and Folders and tried to email but because I don't have a blackberry cell phone I can't tether and had no email option, BUT, I used Dropbox and presto, it worked perfectly. What a sense of control, finally. Thanks for that idea. As for changing the file extension to text and back again, you know I had already tried that but the playbook doesn't seem to let me change file extensions, or am I wrong about that, maybe I forgot to check the "show file extension" box. Thanks again. I really love the Playbook.
    01-29-12 09:13 PM
  8. jsdhornby's Avatar
    Okay, yes, I was able to change the file extension in air browser once I checked the "show file extension" box. But I can see Dropbox with Files and Folders is a great way to go. Thanks again to all of you!
    01-29-12 09:20 PM
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    But wait,there's more! I DID get Files and Folders email function to work at my web email account without tethering. Files and Folders is incredible. Thanks
    01-29-12 09:49 PM
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    More than one way to "skin a cat" (although, I'm not sure what that really means) or email a file!!!
    01-29-12 11:15 PM