1. louzer's Avatar
    One of my Playbooks is running the 2.0 dev beta. I was planning on doing a debrick today to bring it back to 1.0.8 and restore from my backup data (taken right before installing the beta).

    But I'm reading about issues with the update servers. Has anyone heard anything about an upgrade path via the dev beta? I'm going to run a backup of my PB in it's current dev beta state just to make sure. If I can't get back to 1.0.8, I'll hope that I can restore from a dev beta backup once 2.0 installs.

    I can hang on with the dev beta as long as there's an upgrade path.
    02-04-12 11:38 AM
  2. rjedge54's Avatar
    The best procedure regardless of what device or OS when running a beta and wanting to upgrade to a release version is to wipe or format and do a clean install even if an upgrade from beta is possible. This insures that there is nothing left behind from that beta.

    I have seen the negative effects enough times over the years where people have upgraded over a beta instead of doing a clean install to say save yourself potential problems by wiping and revert to 1.0.8 before 2.0 is released.

    There is a good chance though that RIM won't let people upgrade from the beta which would be in there best interests support wise. It would also be a relatively easy thing for them to block. If however it is possible and people do go the route of upgrading from the beta, then I guarantee that we will see numerous posts soon after release day that 2.0 is buggy, crashes, or acts in other strange ways. They will then be shouting fail and blaming RIM for their own failure to follow proper OS upgrade best practices.

    This is far more critical for operating systems than applications since a failed OS upgrade could potentially affect all apps whereas an application upgrade from a beta is most likely to only affect that app.
    02-04-12 11:59 AM