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    Have you ever read the deeds for a house, drawn up by a lawyer? Or a contract of any kind drawn up by a lawyer? Or a script written by a doctor? (probably the single main reason word processors were invented). And as for scientists - bwahahahahahaha!
    Scientists: gee, I guess you never watch PBS science programs...
    Doctor scripts: pharmacists take special code-deciphering courses
    Lawyers: - ok, I'll give you that one
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    06-19-13 03:50 PM
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    Lots of you will remember my June 10 meltdown about the computer nerd guy from hell, who took 6 hrs and $300.00 and did nothing. The company called me today and a normal guy came over from the company.

    I told him what had happened ( he had already read my complaint feedback).

    He checked out the computer, tried to recover some of the stuff the hell guy erased from my desktop, and checked out the Lexmark printer. (Printer is a washout - run away fast from this company).

    He couldn't recover icons but showed me where they may still exist.

    He said it should not have taken 6 hours and that I will get the full refund.

    I feel vindicated and will also post this on that thread.
    07-12-13 04:34 PM
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    07-12-13 04:41 PM
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