01-31-14 07:45 PM
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  1. zack west's Avatar
    Just bought one on ebay a few days ago.. in the mail now..and probably won't even be able to use it

    01-28-14 10:18 PM
  2. jpash549's Avatar
    Just bought one on ebay a few days ago.. in the mail now..and probably won't even be able to use it

    Get it charged up when you get it. The server will be back. Big companies also use PBs and BB can't afford to lose them.
    01-28-14 10:25 PM
  3. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    Great, my PlayBook was getting laggy, did a factory reset yesterday as well and got the same ****. Thank a lot blackberry I'm using this as my BABY MONITOR!! With my ip cam!!!!!!!!

    Sony Z1 and tablet looking pretty Dam nice now.

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-14 10:25 PM
  4. Old_Mil's Avatar
    Tuesday 1/28/14 2236.

    Still down.
    01-28-14 10:37 PM
  5. Chris Gover's Avatar
    Dumb question - does the security wipe delete EVERYTHING - including documents and spreadsheets? i really hope not. never used the desktop software as it ran way too slow on my laptop, and i never bothered to back it up. i used it mainly as a gaming device, but recently started typing documents and idea trees in doc format and a few spreadsheets. plugged in to see if i could sideload a few android apps this evening, completely unaware this server issue was going on. so i get it plugged into my new laptop, and put it in dev mode, and all of a sudden it starts asking for that security password, which i have forgotten since i first set it up a few years ago. so i try every password i would have used, and was down to my 9th try. tried my last one, and poof. wiped. swore (quietly, as the kids just went to bed) and figured, oh well, at least some of the docs i emailed to myself so i had them anywhere. then this 65792 error is holding me up from getting back up and running. i found a few of my emailed docs in my gmail, but for the most part, i have a really bad feeling i'm going to have to start from scratch on a lot of my stuff i had saved on my playbook. apps i'm not worried about, it is the documents i had on there. starting to wish i'd traded up for an android tablet during the holiday/boxing day sales and tried to recoup any money i put into the playbook by selling it off online....

    my opinion: at the very least, they should open up the playbooks if they are going to just let them go EOL, open them up so we users can install and run it with an android os. that way they aren't screwing us all over. (again)......
    01-29-14 12:01 AM
  6. anon(5597702)'s Avatar
    A response to my ticket:

    "First we would like to apologize for any inconvenience you have been experiencing in updating your PlayBook software wirelessly. We are currently about the situation and our teams are working round the clock in resolving the issue at soonest possible. Initially we have given 24-48 hours of approximate time-frame for the issue to be resolved. We professionally advise you to try updating your software over the air for the next 24 hours and if the issue is still ongoing after 48 hours please do not hesitate to reply on this email immediately. We are always here to assist you.

    Thank you for baring with us."
    01-29-14 06:20 AM
  7. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing the info!

    Live it, love it, be it.....BB10
    01-29-14 06:22 AM
  8. Chris Gover's Avatar
    Could they have any more spelling/grammar errors in their canned response??? lol

    We are currently about the situation
    resolving the issue at soonest possible.
    Thank you for baring with us."
    The last one is the best - are they inviting us out for drinks???
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    01-29-14 08:04 AM
  9. LibertyPhone's Avatar
    How did you contact BlackBerry?

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    01-29-14 08:21 AM
  10. VR6's Avatar
    Servers still down

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    01-29-14 09:33 AM
  11. anon(5597702)'s Avatar
    How did you contact BlackBerry?

    Posted via CB10
    Through this site:

    BlackBerry PlayBook Support - Tablet Direct Support - Canada

    I opened a ticket.
    01-29-14 09:44 AM
  12. anon(5597702)'s Avatar
    Could they have any more spelling/grammar errors in their canned response??? lol

    The last one is the best - are they inviting us out for drinks???
    It's the least they can do!
    01-29-14 09:44 AM
  13. David Murray1's Avatar
    If BlackBerry have suddenly dumped PlayBook updates, and don't provide an alternative way to update PlayBooks, resulting in wiped PlayBooks being unusable, then they can go f--- themselves - I will switch phone and tablet and get all of my family members and friends off BlackBerry as well and NEVER use a BlackBerry product again. It's totally unacceptable.
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    01-29-14 09:59 AM
  14. J English Smith's Avatar
    Hopefully, this is just a blip in service. Would be great if they could do a minimal type of update soon, just to let Playbookers know that we are not completely forgotten. Didn't they say something about future tablet development being on their radar at CES? In the meantime, you would think they want to keep these few embers glowing...
    01-29-14 10:04 AM
  15. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    "Professionally advise you"....to just keep on trying for the next 2 days..... lol. would be funnier if it wasn't so sad....

    Posted via CB10
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    01-29-14 10:46 AM
  16. chance1180's Avatar
    i just hope their troubleshooting skills are better than their writing; or else we're in real trouble...
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    01-29-14 11:19 AM
  17. kbz1960's Avatar
    They have to provide the OS for this situation don't they? Otherwise don't be surprised if we never see another update.
    01-29-14 11:33 AM
  18. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    Just loaded the leaked version of the official playbook. Same result, can't get past that checking blackberry server screen. Funny enough a few steps before that it tells me I successfully have associated my BlackBerry I'd with it. Thus last step is just a load of crapp....

    Posted via CB10
    01-29-14 12:14 PM
  19. kimkitty99's Avatar
    Really regretting the security wipe
    01-29-14 05:08 PM
  20. keninmiddleton's Avatar
    7:08 PM.....January 29...............update server still down.........it is almost a week now..........so glad they are working round the clock to fix it
    does anyone actually believe that
    01-29-14 05:10 PM
  21. LibertyPhone's Avatar
    should let it skip update server ahh
    01-29-14 05:43 PM
  22. zack west's Avatar
    So impressed with their hard work.

    01-29-14 06:21 PM
  23. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    The big question is this.... Did the server go down accidentially or was it taken offline intentionally? I'm thinking some genius determined that since the PlayBook isn't slated for any more updates, the server should be shut down. This same genius probably never even used or setup a PlayBook before.
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    01-29-14 06:55 PM
  24. vbhas's Avatar
    I have not been able to connect for over 2 days now. I just did a full wipe on my PB and it's stuck now.

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    01-29-14 07:37 PM
  25. GeMeBe's Avatar
    I just purchase a PlayBook for my Mother and this bloody problem occurs, well I'm giving it one more day and if this isn't resolved I'm returning the PlayBook. OMG I can believe I'm going to say this, I may buy a ipad.

    Posted via CB10 with my Z30
    01-29-14 08:06 PM
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