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    Upgrading to OS 2.1 beta brought a proper IMAP folder support. However after starting up the new Mail application I can see tons of mails from all my folders in the unified inbox. On the other hand I'd be glad to unsubscribe from some folders as I am usually interested in mails landing in INBOX and just a few other folders.

    Do you know if we could handle folders subscriptions somehow? I spent some time checking all the various account settings, mail options but was not able to find a solution so far.

    (Anyway an annoying side-effect: If you use multiple IMAP clients then deleted or marked-as-deleted mails start to show up in duplicates in the inbox. I am sure this happens because the client on PlayBook subscribed to the Trash folder also.)
    06-02-12 08:02 AM
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    Gahh. Right after posting this I was able to find out how to unsubscribe. So here is the solution, might help others as well:

    Open the Messages app > Tap on accounts on the right > Select your IMAP account > Tap on the folder icon on the top > Select the folder you'd like to alter > Enable or Disable IMAP subscription by hitting the "sync-folder" icon down
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    06-02-12 08:15 AM
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    Ah ... thank you. I was wondering what this icon was for. I tried a few IMAP folders (which are quite large) - so I just got the little green circle for a very long tome before I gave up and closed the mail app.

    It seems to try to sync the folders by default .. I get lots of "0 of xxx" messages flash up at the bottom of the screen.

    If I move an email to a sub-folder on the Playbook it appears in the folder list (but existing emails do not). It is also correctly sync'ed on the IMAP server.

    So, there are improvements in the IMAP client !
    07-05-12 10:04 AM
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    Just a thought ....

    It might be better if the default for folders was "not sync" .. for two reasons:

    (1) My IMAP folders are very, very big (many year's worth of emails), so if they were sync'ed it would more than use up all of the Playbook's storage.

    (2) The folder sync doesn't quite work correctly yet
    07-05-12 10:06 AM