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    Well folks I have been more than happy with my Playbook that I bought on launch date. Unfortunately today I had the saddest thing happen. My Playbook become unresponsive on certain applications and utlimately needed an OS reload. My kid who was playing a game and watching youtube on it when done powered down the Playbook. I never power down the Playbook only restart it every morning after checking for OS updates I also never disconnect the bridge feature. Any way I power up the Playbook to check out CrackBerry.com and get the latest scoops. I notice my wifi is turned off, I turn it on and it searches for available networks and none found (that's interesting) so I decide to restart the tablet. I use the app on the main menu to do this and when I tap on the restart option all it does is close the screen and bring back the main menu (that's interesting). At this point I proceed to use the uncomfortable power button on top of the Playbook. After the Playbooks powers up the wifi is still off so I turn it on and it still can't find my network (that's interesting). At this point I know I should probably back up the playbook before I go searching on how to do a hard reset. So I plug the Playbook to my windows PC and open the BlackBerry Desk top manager and I get an error message "can not connect device, please power down and turn back on". Now I know I'm in trouble because for a month of taking videos, pics, downloading apps and dumping my 12 gig I-Tunes music library I never once backed up the Tablet and didn't download any pics or videos onto the PC. At this point I restart the tablet while connected to the Desktop manager and it proceeds to download the latest release of the QNX OS. 2 1/2 laters my Playbook is restored but I lost all pics and videos. After going through the initial Playbook set up all over again the only thing that survived were the apps. They were located in the "Unistalled" tab in the My World. I wish I knew what created my Playbook to crash and require a OS restore?
    05-14-11 04:52 PM
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    Check the home page of CB. RIM has recalled 900 PB bought from Staples. All the serial numbers are listed on CB.
    05-14-11 11:22 PM