1. cfx_will's Avatar
    Hi, I'm a student at University of Toronto St. George Campus.

    It seems, I cannot log into the wifi on campus about 95% of the time. Even at the libraries when the wifi is very strong, it doesn't work. I went to my campus' tech help and they told me because the device is a blackberry and bashed me for getting a playbook since it just does not receive wifi. What's up with that? I've only gotten it to work once and never again. It just seems like luck when it does connect and I don't know how long it will connect for. It doesn't detect networks very well and when my friend's can log in, I am not able to. Can this be fixed?
    12-08-11 11:38 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    Are you configuring the BlackBerry PlayBook correctly for WiFi with WEP enabled? Also, does the campus use 802.11N? By the way, the IT department at University of Toronto are not in the same league as University of Waterloo.
    12-09-11 12:18 AM
  3. cfx_will's Avatar
    yeah i did. It just does not seem to work. The tech support just said, it's only basically luck. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work. he said that 3 other people with playbooks came to them with the same problem.
    12-09-11 02:39 AM
  4. mithrazor's Avatar
    Same problem at University of Texas at Dallas.

    Laptop connects just fine. Playbook doesn't connect.

    Authorization and Inner Authorization and username and password are all correct. PB just doesn't connect. Hopefully a future update will fix this.
    12-09-11 03:08 AM
  5. robsteve's Avatar
    Does your phone connect to the wireless? There is a utility on the phone to scan for networks and show network strength. It may help to diagnose whether it is a network strength problem or a software problem.

    If you can get your phone on the wifi, bridge your Playbook to it and the Playbook will use the wifi on the phone.
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    12-09-11 05:42 AM
  6. hpjrt's Avatar
    There must be a radical difference between the WiFi connections that I use and the connections that universities use. I have access (direct) to three WiFi networks and have never had a problem connecting to any of them with my PB. I don't spend any time in places that might have public WiFi so I don't know how the PB interacts with public WiFi.
    12-09-11 06:56 AM