1. Dim-Ize's Avatar
    I'm thrilled with the 9900 & PB combo.

    I have a corporate issued BB. I've won a PB (16) and an iPad 2 (32) and most recently an iPad3 (64 / 4G) in differnt contests at work. I'm giving the iPad2 to my mother and the wife & kids share the iPad3.

    But, I absolutely love the PlayBook. It has a unique feature that is, to me at least, invaluable.

    Apparently, my BB, which is setup on BES, has access to my corprate network files. Through a bridge session - I can get access to all my price lists, product spec sheets / sell sheets, pricing tool, sales tracking / reporting, product videos, policy information, etc. I don't really understand how this works. And, it only works through bridge. It is truly amazing to me. And is extremely valuable.

    I can use my phone as a hotspot or tether - and then fire up SplashTop and use my remote PC to create a VPN session too. Maybe that would be a workaround for an iPad use. But, I bought SplashTop on the PB and not the iPad. But, I may check it out.

    What would be so intriguing to me, however, is if RIM would update the PlayBook to utilize its faster BT radio that is in there. The bandwidth would be far superior to what it is now.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to start a "mine is bigger than yours" thread. I'm simply thrilled with the way this works for my business use. I hope that IT doesn't throw something new on the server that blocks me from using this the way that I do now - because it is awesome!
    04-05-12 05:22 PM
  2. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Cool! The Playbook is pretty cool by itself but if you add a BlackBerry it becomes awesome!
    I love it. The best technology for a song of a price.
    04-05-12 06:06 PM