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    My 9930 has 3 email accounts configured. Recently, prior to the PB 2.1 update I noticed my bridged email is not showing one account. It is my exchange account using BESX. My Gmail and yahoo accounts seem to be working. The native email program displays all accounts and syncs using the bridge so I tend to use the native program.
    I have tried several battery pulls, and 3 button reboots on the PB. Have gone into bridge settings on the BB and made sure the desktop account was checked. I unchecked and rechecked. I have tried shutting off and turning bridge on both the BB and PB. Have deleted bridge and reconfigured.
    Using bridge email I can send email using the desktop account. All other programs on the bridge are working. Including calendar for the desktop account.
    I have also checked no new IT policies on the BB.
    There must be something I am missing. I am turning to the experts to help me see what I am missing.
    Thanks in advance.
    10-05-12 08:29 PM
  2. fire6's Avatar
    bump back to see if i can get a answer.
    10-08-12 02:25 PM

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