1. siung6's Avatar
    I am hoping, this is not the kind of thread we are seeing by the end of the year. thank you in advance BBRY people.

    another thing, what do you call a person who over promise and under deliver? feel free to answer.

    08-12-13 10:28 AM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    Let me start by saying this is a terrible thread title.. smh.

    Anyway.. while I can't say whether or not sideloading the android version of BBM will physically work on the playbook or not, I can say with relative certainty that it WILL NOT work in practice.

    My reasoning?

    They aren't developing BBM for tablets at this time.. SO that means they aren't developing the framework for a person to be logged into BBM with the same BBID from two places.. In other words, you had to log out of BBID on your phone every time you wanted to log into BBM on your playbook.. not a viable solution. In order for BBM to ever be available on a tablet, they need to allow for multiple devices on one account and for the messages to sync between the two devices so you have one contacts list, and when you receive a message it can be answered from either device seamlessly. A feature which they have no reason to implement in the backend since they aren't releasing a tablet version whatsoever at this time.

    If you happen to own only a playbook, and no blackberry phone, then I suppose you will probably be able to make use of the android version.
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    08-12-13 11:07 AM
  3. siung6's Avatar
    I was being sarcastic when i wrote this thread a month ago. I was so disappointed with the bridge pairing with os 10 at that time without the bbm on my playbook.

    At least BBRY is not that st*p*d after all. A few days before the launch bbm on ios and android they update the bridge so we can now use bbm again on playbook. I thought we will be grouped as the minority tablet user that cannot use bbm. Quite ironic i thouht. We are not that outcasted in BBRY family afterall.

    Of course, i would not need to sideload bbm anymore. I guess i will not be seeing this kind of thread then, and i can continue to use my pb for the next couple years. Thx BBRY

    Bridge was a great idea with wrong execution.

    Blackberry get the job done, but Android make things a little bit easier. IMHO
    09-21-13 01:47 PM

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