1. Xavior's Avatar
    hey guys,

    My playbook was beginning to get really full and the keyboard was lagging like crazy so i decided to reset the device using blackberry desktop manager. I plugged the device in off and began the update process to wipe and download the latest firmware. Big MISTAKE.

    Here is my problem now, during setup i have the following problem:

    When i select my wifi network at home, i enter the password and get connected. The next screen is about the time zone and other clock information which than leads me to the agreement page. It tells me to please select my country from the drop down menu, but when i click on the drop down menu its empty. It throws me an error "unable to display the Blackberry ID Agreement" error and now i am stuck.

    Any thoughts? I have searched and searched and nothing seems to work for me. Please help!
    06-22-13 03:17 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I have read about others getting that error but I don't recall the solution. Can you back up in the process?

    What country are you in?

    You might try again using a public wifi at a coffee shop or library or.....

    Good luck.
    06-22-13 06:51 PM
  3. eambun's Avatar
    I had exactly the same problem. But I solved the problem by changing to other languages. I chose Netherlands then it work. I would suggest you to try to choose different languages from English to France to.....from drop down menu.
    I hope it will solve.

    Posted via CB10
    06-22-13 08:42 PM
  4. Xavior's Avatar

    This suggestion worked, i switched the country to USA at the beginning and it picked it up no problem on the second try of changing the country. This is just silly how this would be an issue and if someone didnt have the forums would end up returning the product.

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    06-24-13 12:59 PM

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