1. LauraMegan's Avatar
    I have just bought the playbook in the UK and I live in the UK. I set it all up choosing the UK as the country but now it just keeps reverted back to US. This is causing me problems as the appworld is all in dollars and I cannot watch any tv programmes in the UK such as BBC iPlayer because it says I am outside the UK, which I am not...

    Any ideas? Thanks
    03-21-12 05:34 AM
  2. shadowy's Avatar
    Not sure how to sort it but buy all the apps you want before you do, you'll pay the same number of pounds as dollars when your device recognizes you're in the UK!
    03-21-12 05:39 AM
  3. simu31's Avatar
    Have you tried restarting the Playbook after setting the country and language preferences?

    That said, I've had a small problem with the Playbook previously - it resetting to the preferences it wanted to. It fixed itself after a day or two (and me resetting it 2 or 3 times)

    03-21-12 05:41 AM