12-29-11 05:52 PM
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  1. snowindec9's Avatar
    typing on a tablet proficiently requires time and skill.the same applies to adjusting to something like the iphone's keyboard.for someone transitioning from a physical keyboard phone to the iphone it might take anywhere from several days to several months.it can be a smooth transition or a hectic one which results in ditching the iphone.that being said,typing on pb is not in any way or form better than typing on pc.pc typing is way more efficient.less grammatical errors occur on a pc.and if one is typing up a research document,lengthy paper,or a novel their better off with a laptop or a pc.
    12-16-11 12:05 AM
  2. phwtos's Avatar
    Anyone actually check their WPM (words per minute) on the Playbook? I just tested myself and I get 34wpm on the Playbook. I then checked on my Bold 9780 and I got exactly 34wpm as well. I usually type 80wpm on a PC.
    12-29-11 02:59 PM
  3. eve6er69's Avatar
    I can type faster on my pb than most people but nothing comes as natural to me as a physical keyboard whether its on a phone or a computer.

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    12-29-11 03:07 PM
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    I can't take this thread seriously until we see auto correct.
    12-29-11 04:01 PM
  5. ffosse's Avatar
    One of the pluses of the PB - at least for me - is the ability to create and edit Docs..

    I think I'll be using this quite a bit, I have quite small hands anyway and my netbook takes a while to boot up.
    12-29-11 05:04 PM
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    Probably worth posting actual video on a Youtube. Better typing on Playbook (or any 7" tablet) would be very interesting to watch. What a skill!

    I don't know if its just me, but it seems there are a lot of skilled people on this forum, particularly when it comes to the use of Playbook.
    Where exactly did the OP say he types faster on his PB than on a PC keyboard? He said that as he has gotten better with the PB keyboard that he "can't type on a regular keyboard nearly as fast anymore". He also said "This has been the same for me comparing my typing on my BB phone. Once I learned the keyboard on my BB my typing skills on a PC went downhill". In other words, his PC typing has slowed. He didn't say it is now the slowest.

    Let's all settle down and read what's there instead of reading into it...
    12-29-11 05:32 PM
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    Everyone will have their preferences for typing. i personally would like a much improved keyboarding experience on my PB. Autocaps, spellchecking, autocorrection as a bare minimum. All the things people have asked for since day one. I would like to see a split keyboard option, adjustable heights, numbs and lets on the same keyboard. It's my keyboard, let me customize it. An app dev would get my $$$ but RIM should provide this out of the box
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    12-29-11 05:52 PM
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