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    I've just purchased a playbook 16GB last week and i find some trouble finding a way to type Greek into the playbook. There is no option to choose Greek in the main Languages. I also have my Bold 9780 bridged to it and all of my contacts on the phone are in Greek so when i search a contact from the playbook i cannot , i can only schroll down to find what i;m looking for. Does anyone have any Idea how to add an input for greek?


    01-02-12 06:11 AM
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    Greek will not be available until the OS2 update per this poster...

    I don't know what's been added since the previous 2.0, but compared to, has these additional languages listed:

    1. UK English
    2. Hrvatski
    3. Ελληνικά

    (That would be the UK spelling of English, plus Croatian and Greek.)
    Here is the complete thread ... see post# 219

    With that said, you can sign up and get the OS2 beta now. I'm not sure how you sign up, but if you do a search at the top right of this page you should be able to find out how to sign up for the beta version.

    Hope this helps!
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