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    No threads on this so I guess I'm the first, and I'm hoping someone can help with this.

    I've been tunneling my Remote Desktop thru SSH for years now, not only RDP but VNC to other computers on my home network as well. This can be done thru port forwarding with SSH.

    However I have tried a few SSH clients (most are Android player apps) on the Playbook but there are two major problems:
    1. I cannot authenticate at all using Bridged internet. (maybe I have to find another remote desktop solution)
    2. RDP Enterprise (an sideloaded Android app) will not be able to use the Android player SSH app due to the lack of multitasking in the Android player. (maybe I have to find another remote desktop solution)

    My goal is to stay away from installing another server app on my computer at home to allow desktop access remotely.

    If you any suggestions on this subject they would be greatly appreciated
    04-25-12 11:03 PM
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    Not exactly sure of what you're talking about, but there is a native VNC app in app world. It's called "IMT VNC".
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    04-25-12 11:20 PM
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    Thanks for the input

    What I'm referring to is a secure connection. VNC traffic is not encrypted (at least from what I remember) and I don't feel comfortable sending RDP traffic over the internet to my PC at home without a secure "tunnel" either. With SSH I can create a tunnel of traffic that allows me to connect to port 3389 on my server, port 5900 on my wife's Mac, 3389 on my main PC, etc., which all can be mapped to local ports, like 3389, 3390, and 3391 respectively. So when I turn on my VNC viewer I can connect to and it will connect to my wife's Mac for instance

    By the way, my VNC traffic was intercepted a few years back and I don't want that to happen again
    04-25-12 11:35 PM
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    Yes you can RDP thru ssh on the PB. I'm currently using the app Telnet/SSH (Putty) and Remote Desktop. Both apps are available in Appworld.

    Works great! Thought I could do the same with LAN File Explorer but no luck there.
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    04-25-12 11:44 PM
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    That's awesome! But one major problem - I'm cheap

    OK I'm not that bad, I'll get the two apps. But only if they can function over Bridged data. Can you do this while Bridged? hopefully you have a BB phone

    I really would love this functionality on my Playbook. I just bought myself a mouse and keyboard which work pretty well on the PB
    04-25-12 11:54 PM
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    I'd set up a VPN between the mobile devices and home router... That's the way it's meant, and optimized for such work. Encryption at network level is a lot more trustworthy than at app level.
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    04-26-12 01:22 AM
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    I use WHS (Windows Home Server) as my VPN connection to my home network. However, there is no VPN profile in the Playbook for this. What gives RIM?

    I did however setup VPN on my router with dd-wrt firmware before, but I've since reset my router to defaults. Maybe I will set it up again and use it. I will proceed for now with the VPN when I get home today.

    Thanks alot everyone. Please if you have any other suggestions I'm all ears.
    04-26-12 08:30 AM
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    Tried multiple clients while waiting for a good RDP client. Only one worth money spent so far is Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook by Todd Buy Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook - Download Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World. Does everything I expected, only lacking audio bypass to PB from the remote machine. Until you asked didn't think about trying it via bridged phone. Just tested and it works well when PB is tethered. Without tethering (just bridged) as expected it doesn't work.
    Hope this helps.
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    04-26-12 11:05 AM
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    yes this does, thank you.

    I will first try my hand at VPN thru my router and if that fails I will be off to buying a tether app for my Bold 9930, a native RDP app, and native SSH app. Let's see... that will run me $30 + $8 + $5 = $43

    upon further investigation VPN seems to be an excellent choice
    04-26-12 11:55 AM
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    I know this is an old thread, but I just came across it while trying to accomplish exactly what the op is asking for.

    The solution I've found today which works for me is bVNC Free.

    Free app availablie in app world allows you to setup the ssh tunnel, then vnc to local host to establish the vnc connection.

    tapped using Android Runtime CBForums from my PlayBook
    09-25-13 08:09 PM