1. der_mit's Avatar
    I mean, the typing lags or you tap an app icon and nothing happens so you tap again then it opens.
    This worked for me,

    Bridge you Playbook and phone , make sure they are both bridged, and remote control is active on phone. bluetooth icons are on.
    Then simply restart the playbook. just press the on/off button until the backlight goes out.
    Then after a few seconds press the button again to turn it on.
    I then turn of the bridge and bluetooth off (on the phone)
    Let the playbook start up, and use it,

    My playbook is over a year old, and has about 4gigs of free space, loads of apps as well as android apps, BUT I have never had to wipe it

    Good luck.
    01-21-13 07:13 AM
  2. amrovi2014's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. My pb is running ok. I don't have a bb phone yet, but when the new z10 is released I will buy one. Again thanks for providing great advice and support for the forums. I learn some valuable short cuts from the forums
    01-21-13 09:14 AM
  3. JasW's Avatar
    I've had to wipe three times in the year plus that I've had the PB. The lag is still unpredictable -- as far as the keyboard goes, it's not always tied to a page not having finished loading. The keys simply do not respond right away, or sometimes for a fair amount of time. Wiping helps, but the problem always returns. I don't see how simply turning the PB off while bridged with remote, then turning the PB on and unbridging would cure this keyboard lag. It seems tied to the browser.
    01-21-13 10:16 AM
  4. bay1902's Avatar
    lag happens with any tablets, especially androids which are much much worse than the pb. I have only had to wipe once, but at least thru desktop you can restore pretty quickly.

    good tip for bb phone owners, for the rest of us who are not a wipe seems the only way. but feel happy that by only having to do it 3 times in a year is at least an 8th of what I had to do with my android, regardless of being on gb, ics or jb.
    01-21-13 04:15 PM

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