1. kturchyn's Avatar
    I, like others, am trying to cut the cord on cable TV. I thought connecting my Playbook to my HD TV with HDMI cable would do the trick. I like streaming episodes from network websites. When using just the playbook there is no problem. When connected to the TV it works for about 5 minutes then freezes. I cleared my cache prior to starting today but the same thing happened. Not sure if there is a playbook setting I need to change? or an issue with my 12 ft hdmi cable? or an issue with the Sony Bravia TV? Anyone have this issue and resolved it?
    10-26-12 01:42 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    What is your Application Behavior in the GENERAL settings (gear-options/General). Showcase allows stuff to run. I don't know what else might affect it but, at least, playing videos, it continues to run.
    10-26-12 02:46 PM

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