1. xindy's Avatar
    My primary account is Sympatico every day at least 4 / 5 times I have to reset account information. After each reset in accounts I notice that a password is placed in smtp server automatically, I have to delete this as my server does not use password and save without password. I have tried deleting account and re entered data which has had caring degrees of success the longest about a week. Is there any way that I can force message / accounts. To not add this password. Or re configure my account info to avoid this? My account is pop1 and I don't think that there is an imap option available. Many thanks for your help.
    04-15-12 09:46 AM
  2. wet_coast's Avatar
    I haven't noticed that problem BUT about 1x/2 weeks I have to reenter my IMAP password for a particular accnt.

    Its a bit annoying because I don't have that memorized and have to wait until I return home to re-enter it and in the meantime can't retrieve that accts email.
    04-15-12 11:11 AM