1. Ipadhater2012's Avatar
    My wifes camera on her Playbook has the hardware error.
    Mid Dec...she contacted RIM and got an RMA. She gave them the address and then followed-up after no email stating tracking number.
    Address was wrong....said they would resend it.
    Right before the New Year...she contacted them again...box not sent.
    Now last week....after numerous emails not being responded to by RIM...finally made contact with them....still no box underway and no tracking number.
    Some person called Daniel says....he is following up, please wait...following up......etc etc etc...
    I sent back my Playbook late October for a battery issue.....return went smooth as ice...
    My daughter sent back hers for the same camera error....return process and service was flawless...took less than a week and a new Playbook to boot.
    This time is completely different...run around by RIM....week after week.....beyond ridiculous....
    As of today, after getting another email last Friday...still no box underway and no tracking number.
    They claim its because of the holidays...
    Thoughts? Help? Suggestions?
    I fear they are not supporting it anymore....or know they have none in stock and are delaying purposely....could this be true???
    I cannot get any answer from RIM and still no word on the box to return the Playbook...
    01-16-13 02:12 PM
  2. Chaddface's Avatar
    From my experience and what I have read on these forum, phone support will yield much better results then email.
    Something must have happened after the first failed attempt. A glitch in the computer system is my guess. I doubt the are intentionally giving you the run around.
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    01-16-13 02:22 PM
  3. Ipadhater2012's Avatar
    Any suggestions folks?
    I am at a real loss at to why we are getting jerked around.....
    Every RMA experience to date has been flawless......and now this is a complete mess......
    01-17-13 06:55 AM
  4. Chaddface's Avatar
    Call again.
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    01-17-13 08:23 AM

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