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    I recently went traveling in Thailand and Japan with the Playbook as my sole communications/internet device. Here are some comments I have about the experience...

    Battery life - I tried to never turn off the Playbook, except as required for flights. With normal usage, I was able to use the Playbook a few days before having to plug it in. This is great. I mainly stayed at hostels, which means dorms, so outlets aren't so many and having the Playbook plugged in meant possible loss. Less charging the better.

    Wi-fi - I didn't have problems connecting to any new wi-fi access points.

    Browser Compatibility - I had no problems accessing sites, from research to banking.

    Portability - Size and weight worked for me.

    Heat Issue - A few times the Playbook would wake up into a "locked" state, where touching the screen and trying to activate apps wouldn't work. It's as if the Playbook froze. Power-Vol+-Vol- reboots would put the Playbook into infinite boot (It never got out of displaying the color circles.). I can only attribute this to heat, as the overall air temperature was quite hot and after leaving the Playbook in aircon for a while allowed it to operate normally.

    Skype - I had Skype with my previous traveling device, an Nokia N770, which proved really useful when I needed Skype Out to make calls to the airline to locate my missing backpack (lost for five days!). Fortunately on this trip, I didn't need Skype at all. It would be nice to have, but not essential.

    USB Host - Here's a feature I sorely wished I had. I brought along two cameras, a Sony NEX 5 and a GoPro 2. Many times I wanted to grab a recent photo and post to Facebook or attach to an email. There's currently no way for me to have the Playbook read an SD card. I used the GoPro 2 to capture some underwater diving shots and had to wait until now to take a look at the photos, as the GoPro 2 doesn't have an LCD display. I met another person with an iPad and GoPro 2 and he was able to look at his shots easily.

    Camera - Since I wasn't able to use USB Host to grab photos from my cameras, I resorted to using the Playbook's camera, which worked decently. Obviously, underwater shots were out of the question.

    Facebook App - To post photos from the Playbook to Facebook, I needed to use the native Facebook app, which worked okay. Without folder support, I had to scroll all the way down in the file selection to pick the most recent photo. It worked, but cumbersome.
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    09-07-12 03:03 AM
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    I travel quite a lot also. Nowhere exotic like Thailand, just all over the good ol' US of A, always for work. I am on the PB all of the time checking and responding to emails and reading the news online so the battery only lasts until late afternoon before it requires a quick charge. Once I installed Splashtop (and got it working reliably) I stopped carrying my 8lb laptop which makes security a breeze. I don't know if the PB has many more needed email features than my BB9810, but its nicer having the bigger screen and easier search functions. I can do all of my powerpoint presentations with the HDMI out using my phone as the remote and more often than not someone questions the tablet/phone combo during the Q&A portion of the presentation. This gives me the opportunity to boast about the "working benefits" of the BB products, "tools, not toys".

    My complaints are few;
    Where is BB Travel for the PB?!?! This seems like a glaring omission for a tablet sized and equipped perfectly for travelers.
    My PB won't sync with desktop manager. It has twice, both times immediately after a security swipe. Now I just copy and paste folders manually as a backup.
    I have to travel with 4 batteries (1 in the device, 3 spares) for my 9810 and have to do a battery swap usually twice per day! This doesn't happen if I stay home, but one I go somewhere the battery dives. I've tried swiping and removing nearly all apps (I don't use many now with the PB). The trained professionals at the AT&T store say BBs are notorious for this and the phone needs to be replaced, then quickly recommended the Galaxy IIIs and the iPhone. Sorry, off subject. Now this just sounds like the ramblings of a lonely traveling crazy person.

    In summary: I love the PB BB combo. With Splashtop I don't take my laptop. The presentation function is the best.
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    09-07-12 07:55 AM
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    I have found when traveling to always keep PB in flight mode and only turn wifi on when wanted to use it. It helps alot with battery life.
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    09-07-12 10:43 AM
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    Instead of scrolling to select an attachment, you could use search. PB images are saved with img* as file name pattern.
    09-07-12 11:21 AM
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    CBVINH: Which OS version are you running? I'm getting poor battery life on the latest non-beta, though better browser and email, so I'm keeping it. Going to Asia for 5 weeks in October.
    09-07-12 11:25 AM
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    @rcm1301: Ah, good tip. I didn't think about doing that. The battery did hold up really well though.

    @thecsman: For Facebook, I selected Status update and selected to Add an Image. The file browser limits the selection to images only, so it's not a problem of having all the files exposed. I had already put a bunch of images from previous trips and that made selecting the latest ones a chore. Instead of showing folders for each of my photo albums, it lists all the images, several hundred of them. Newest images from the Camera folder were listed at the bottom.

    @brianatbb: I was using the version just prior to in Thailand, then upgraded to when I got to Japan, where internet was much faster and more stable. Have fun on your trip! My trip was five weeks too.
    09-07-12 07:23 PM
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    By putting your playbook in Airplane mode and than standby you should increase your battery life measurably. Also I would recommend adjusting your display brightness down to the dimmest setting that is comfortable for you.
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    09-07-12 07:37 PM
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    Mentioned a couple of times in previous threads is the following:

    If you've just taken a screen shot (or picture) and want to email it there is a way that will quickly get you to the picture in File Manager.

    Go to File Manager and select Pictures. Select the Search button and key in a period (period). This will take you to the bottom of the pictures and the most recent pictures and screenshots you've taken will show. Scrolling up from there will show the rest of your pictures from newest to oldest.

    Note: I have Version .668 which may be a factor using the above. Another poster had indicated an issue where he had another Version of the OS.

    Also, if you're at the most recent of pictures in File Manager and you want to go to the top you can type a , (comma) and then hit the backspace to remove it. You'll then jump to the top area which is where the oldest pictures are.

    Some other ways exist to go up to the oldest pictures but the , (comma) is easier to remember because the . (period) is the useful part of my post.
    09-08-12 01:13 PM
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    @Hgouck: Yes, I forgot that I had set the screen brightness down to 20%, which is still plenty bright.

    @snow_stipple: Works in! Thanks for the tip. I wish it was more intuitive. I'd still like folder support...
    09-08-12 07:28 PM
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    The BlackBerry PlayBook allows me to continue working on documents and/or software source code without the weight or size of a notebook computer. There are still a few rough edges that need to be addressed with GateOne but as soon as I figure out the solution I will let the developer know of the fix. I think it comes down to how GateOne interprets the identification of the tablet's web browser but I need to validate this hypothesis.
    09-08-12 08:30 PM
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    BTW - GoPro does have an LCD addon accessory. I have one and love it. Cheers!
    09-09-12 01:24 AM