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    Will I have problems using the PlayBook to book flights, hotels and car rentals while I am in Europe? What are your thoughts on this. I fooled around on expedition and it was a bit buggy, but I think it will work. Or should I skip the potential headaches and bring a laptop along. Want to travel light.

    Expedition = Expedia. Hmm already getting little headaches with autocorrect lol
    06-30-12 07:51 PM
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    I have used expedia on the PB and it leaves a lot to be desired. Particularly the calendar that won't go away to allow you to choose a return date. A bit of back and forth will allow you to enter the correct information.

    Most hotels have PC's in the lobby you could use. If booking flights is the only reason to bring a laptop then I would think I you could get by without it.
    06-30-12 08:05 PM
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    You probably want to do more testing or trials to see how it goes. You will also have to rely on wifi and how widespread (free or charge). And someone else might address the security if you were to be using a credit/debit card (but that would not be different for a laptop)
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    06-30-12 08:11 PM
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    Thanks, I will experiment some more.
    07-01-12 01:14 PM
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    blackberry travel

    havent checked though to see if its even available for the PB i usually do all that on my phone however i have yet to travel international in the last year cheers

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    07-01-12 01:23 PM
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    Call a travel agent.....
    07-01-12 04:18 PM
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    The KAYAK app is now available and works well.
    07-01-12 08:56 PM
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    Flight information sites work well - but I have had problems viewing many airline websites due to the pop-ups required for booking (eg calendar pop-ups)

    Airline sites I have found very difficult to navigate to: BA, Virgin, RyanAir - having said that the sites are generally updated every month, and I haven't tried booking on one for about 6 months

    The trick is to try and navigate to the airline's 'mobile' site if they have one - the process will take longer (more pages) and you will generally lose some functionality (eg cabin layout / seat picking)
    07-02-12 02:21 AM
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    Thanks, we will likely book Ryan air, so I will have my son's eee pc to book. It is a shame that I can't use the PlayBook for booking without difficulty and the chance of failure. The calendar pop ups were a problem on expedia when I tried it.

    Funny I tested a galaxy tab 7 and didn't have a problem with the calendar pop ups, but when I hit the button to search flights it responded with an error.

    Combine the galaxy tab with the PlayBook would be great.
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    07-02-12 01:37 PM
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    Have now been blown away by the fact that BlackBerry Travel has not been developed for the PlayBook. Ludicrous. One of my most needed apps and would be great on the PlayBook.
    07-02-12 10:34 PM
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    Well I am on holiday and i am so glad we have the netbook - Eee PC running Linux cause hard drive fried and lost windows licence. Booking on travel sites is just so tedious and buggy with a tablet - unless it is a mobile optimized site which has less options or may not be available at all and then you are stuck. It was so darn easy on the netbook and I had about 7 tabs open comparing prices and options and looking up destinations. Each tab was one mouse click away, not a swipe and then a touch. Faster and easier.

    Tablets are a few years away from the kind of ease of use a computer offers imho, either through mobile site development or better and more powerful UI and OS - or most likely both.

    I am disappointed with the function of tablets in general with the current state of mobile OS, though still love and use my Playbook for simple stuff - mainly surfing the web and emails. But I am falling in love again with the laptop - want to wait and see what a windows 8 tablet will bring with a full and proper OS, but will probably get one of the new ultrabooks.

    In short I would not recommend a playbook for travelling if you plan to use it for travel booking.

    PS not sure why anyone would book Ryan AIr, the savings are just not worth it to me. Out of the way locations, pay for check-ins, pay for your seat reservation. Pay if you are over Kg in the bags. Forget it! I am not riding a cattle car. :}
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    07-07-12 03:13 PM
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    My mam got black berry playbook but can not book flights is this problem with all or can u change settings..???
    01-07-13 03:51 PM
  13. oneill89's Avatar
    My mam got black berry playbook but can not book flights is this problem with all or can u change settings..???
    Only with Ryanair ?
    01-07-13 03:52 PM
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    I have used my PB to book flights on expedia and it works fine.

    Here is the "trick": make use of the handy "pinch-to-zoom" feature in the PB native browser.

    When you are on the expedia homepage, use 2 fingers to pinch outwards to make the "Your trip, your way" bigger.

    Once that's done, it is much easier to navigate around between the airport code and date boxes.

    When you tap on the box for the departing date, the keyboard pops up at the same time as the calendar month pops up. Just put the virtual keyboard away by using the "close keyboard" symbol at the lower left corner of the keyboard. Now just tap on the date you want in the calendar months shown or use the arrow keys above the months to scroll to other months. If part of the month is off the bottom of the screen, just use a finger to scroll the page up or over a little. As soon as you tap on the date you want, the date selector box goes away.

    I find it works quite smoothly... as shown in the attached video:

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    01-07-13 04:23 PM
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    Travel booking-img_00000002.jpgThis is the mobile app from Cathay Pacific for Playbook.Travel booking-img_00000008.jpg

    Just wanted to add that apps for Airitalia, American Airlines and Kayak are also available from the AppWorld.
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    01-07-13 06:06 PM