1. cbvinh's Avatar
    Some posters have wanted a trackpad/cursor keys for the Playbook, which I agree is a useful thing to have for editing text, selecting links, etc....

    For the trackpad option? Where to put it? On the bezel, opposite side of the camera and LED?

    For the cursor keys, I was thinking perhaps a swipe from the lower-right to bring up the cursor keys, which float and the user can set the location on the page and move it at will. (This is similar to the way some of the game controls work on some touchscreen implementations.) Alternatively, perhaps bringing down the Peek menu bar and turning it on/off there.

    (Everyday usage of my 9850 has shown me that the trackpad is really handy, for the reasons above. Everyday usage of my Playbook makes me wish for the Peek feature on the 9850. I can't wait until the interfaces are more unified.)
    01-29-12 10:35 AM