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    Long story short.. I bought my 13 yr old son a 7" Acer IconiaTab 8GB a couple of days ago for Christmas but then the Playbook's did the $199 thing again so I bought one of those too and it arrived today.. Now I'm kinda torn between giving him the Acer or the PB. I know he would really enjoy the droid but I also know that in 2 months he can run android stuff on the PB and it would be easier for me to lock down the PB in the future when I can put it on a BES. Thoughts? We are a very technical house and I already support most mobile platforms for work. Funny thing is it sure is hard to find a good case for the Acer and I already have 2 Otterbox's on the way for PB's. Feel free to toss some pros and cons about the decision..
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    12-22-11 06:16 PM
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    He will get more use with the Acer. My daughter has one and loves it.

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    12-22-11 06:30 PM
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    My 8 year old has a 16 GB Playbook and I have a 64 GB... I love the quality, video chat and platform... He has an iPhone (phone not activated) and plays with his Playbook much more than the iPhone...

    I am very pleased with the cases we have (Journal Case and Convertible Case) which I bought at staples for $20 ea.

    I don't own a Driod but will tell you that I do not regret my decision to be aPlaybook family!
    12-22-11 06:35 PM
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    A kid will want apps and android has them. You can download sandbox and have parental controls. And the Acer is quite good. The screen looks good and it is stable.

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    12-22-11 07:44 PM
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    android for sure. way more stuff to do and way cheaper/more free apps that are actually useful. the android player on playbook is not going to be able to run all android apps (and certainly not higher end android games)
    12-22-11 07:49 PM
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    Good info KennethD. I'm looking at sandbox now. That just might be what convinces me.
    12-22-11 07:55 PM
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    My kids would be really upset if I got them anything else other than a Playbook. We have a Kindle Fire and they couldn't put it down.....for two days. It's sitting on the counter as I type and my two girls have my Playbook on the living room floor. There's just something about a Playbook that is undescribed awesomeness. SO, all my kids (3) and my wife have new 16g's under the tree.
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    12-22-11 08:08 PM
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    My first tab was the Acer and for me, the PB was head over heels the superior device. Screen, multitasking, music quality, speed, browser and build quality.

    But I'm an adult, sometimes, and not into a lot of apps but Android has a lot more, especially for children, but I've found many to be buggy and cause lockups or glitches. I recommend going to the Acer, Iconia and android forums, where the majority of owners are, and you'll see it's not the most praised android tablet. But don't take my word for it, research those forums for yourself, as well as reviews. I can say in my experience that the PB will hold up better than the Iconia in a childs hands.
    12-22-11 08:09 PM