1. gordonfink's Avatar
    I bought a Playbook 16GB secondhand. It was stuck on the password login, and thanks to some reading here, I was able to connect it Desktop Manager, use up the login attempts, and do a wipe and update.

    The problem now is that the touchscreen is unresponsive. I can't seem to get the hang of the 3-button restart, but since I've wiped and updated it, I wasn't sure if that was necessary now anyways. I left it plugged in for about 6 hours after the update, and it's still not responsive.

    So, my question is: is there anything else I might try before I crack it open? I was thinking I can check connectors and such to make sure there's nothing loose, but it doesn't seem like there's much room in there for anything to come loose anyways.

    As a last resort, I'll buy a new touch screen and replace the screen, but this tablet is in otherwise very nice shape, so surgery is a last resort.

    I have another one that I bought, that I've already replaced the touchscreen on, and tomorrow it goes back under the knife to solder a new micro-usb port into it (I bought that one for nothing with a cracked screen and inoperable micro-usb).

    Anything I should try?

    Thanks much, and thanks for all of the info that is helping me get the other one going.
    07-27-13 08:47 PM
  2. Andrew4life's Avatar
    When you say the touchscreen is unresponsive, does the screen actually turn on when you press the power button? Or is it just black/dead?
    07-27-13 09:23 PM
  3. gordonfink's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply.

    The LCD works fine - you can watch the whole start up routine, color is great, etc. After doing the update, I can't set up the tablet because the screen won't accept input.

    Before the update, the screen was also unresponsive - that's one of the reasons I update it. I was hoping that would fix it. Before, it was stuck on the password screen, but it wouldn't respond, so you couldn't enter anything into the box.

    07-27-13 09:49 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Hope you did not pay too much for it. Was it working when you first acquired it? You are SWIPING LEFT which is what it generally wants during Setup (I just did it the other day). Cables can come loose. Folks report is is not difficult to open up. There are a few video's and a series of images of dissection.
    07-27-13 10:27 PM

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