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    So after looking and looking I finally found a decent stylus!
    I use a Wrapsol screen protector, which might probably interfere with the responsiveness from the stylus i've tried.

    Brands I've tried:
    Bamboo by Wacom. Griffin. Targus. Some unbranded.

    I've even tried some home made styli.

    I made one a few months ago.. but the sponge was catching up dust and became annoying at times, and damping the sponge was becoming a hassle.

    I went to a local computer store and they let me try their styli with my playbook and came across this one, the Touchpen 100M by Genius. $12. And its a stylus/pen combo.

    I was actually impressed by the responsiveness of this little fellow. Not much pressure was requiered for it to work, as oppose to other brands I've tried.

    This has a cap, which protects the stylus nib while on my bag. The ballpoint pen is alright. Here are some screencaps of this stylus. The tip is also removable, haven't found the replacements online thou.

    Tests made with Skit and Sketchbook.

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    good stuff, and the stylus looks nice too.
    07-10-12 05:53 PM
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    I got this one, it uses the same refills as parker ballpoints, and the stylus rocks. Prefer it over my Bamboo one.

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    07-10-12 06:06 PM