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    I was looking at tablets and saw a lot of similarities between the (infamous) HP TouchPad and the (now infamous) PlayBook and I was wondering if y'all think the TouchPad is a decent tablet to have with a PlayBook. I mean, would it be a good tablet if i wanted something I haven't used and is new to me and with a larger screen and its kinda like a PlayBook. how is the app market? what is a good price? any info I should consider?
    07-04-13 10:29 PM
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    PlayBook i think is a great tablet and it will always have a special place in my heart. But really the app world and browser are outdated. Its awesome if you want to do some light browsing or listening to music but. id recommend the nexus 7 now that its on sale and it's a pretty good tablet . Except for the fact that it runs android . However had you asked this question a year ago i would have said go for the PlayBook.

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    07-04-13 11:07 PM
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    This is a tough one. I have both devices with all the bells and whistles for both (accessories). I will list some of the major features of both devices and you can make a decision. I prefer the PlayBook for portability and my usage patterns. The TouchPad has a future where the PlayBook is a dead end unless it gets hacked to run another OS...

    The biggest strength of the TouchPad is the ability to put on Android (Cyanogen Mod 9 or 10, 10.1) which gives you access to Google Play and the entire app selection. HUGELY IMPORTANT. WebOS has very few apps in their App World and it's pretty bad. Now that the PlayBook is dead, our app selection is not going to improve much and is essentially dead (no BB 10 or improved Android Player - runs some Android 2.3.3 apps) PlayBook can run some android apps too though which is pretty cool. Too bad we weren't getting Android 4.2 Player on the PlayBook. This would be the a no brainer if this came to be...I'd say PlayBook then.

    Installing Android on the TouchPad is possible but a real pain in the rear. Expect to spend a lot of time figuring out lingo and what you're doing. It's a nerds OS for a reason. It's possible to get it to work but not without problems (no bluetooth in Cyanogen mod 10 and a flaky camera). I think pretty much all things work pretty well in Cyanogen Mod 9 though. There is a big community of support but it's still a mish mash of an OS in my opinion.

    Both tablets have their pros and cons. WebOS is great, fluid, intuitive and really fun to work with as an interface. WebOS also has a problem with its sound drivers in the 3.0.5 release (the last publicly released version). It will distort and stay distorted at random times. There is a workaround for this: mute the TouchPad and shut off the screen (hibernate) for 20 seconds. It will make the sound work again. This will not be formally fixed, ever.

    The screen is better on the PlayBook. Much brighter and can be used outside in the sunshine where the TouchPad is washed out and unusable outside. Both have vibrant screens though and great colors. Sound quality is about equal - both above average if not excellent. Speakers are very good on both tablets. This is a tie in my opinion.

    Wi-fi is better on the TouchPad. The wi-fi on the PlayBook will work but is prone to problems for some reason on some networks.

    Battery life on the TouchPad is WAY better. It's a much bigger battery though and it makes the tablet MUCH heavier than the PlayBook. The PlayBook is so much more portable than the TouchPad that you take it for granted sometimes. Web browsing on the TouchPad is pretty decent. I used to think it was slow but with Advanced Browser it's a lot better. It has Flash capabilities just like the PlayBook.

    The PlayBook has wi-fi GPS which is pretty useless when you're not connected to a network. You can use Google Maps or Bing Maps on the TouchPad and get pretty much the same effect...

    Getting a TouchStone wireless charger for the TouchPad is awesome. It is very cool to just put your tablet on the stand and have it charge, no fussing with wires. It works in both Android and webOS. I'd STRONGLY suggest if you get a PlayBook, to get a magnetic charger. It will save your fragile microUSB port. BOTH tablets have crappy and wimpy microUSB ports!

    The TouchPad is prone to cracking around the speakers and ports on the tablet. The build design is POOR compared to the PlayBook. PlayBook beats this soundly.

    Cameras, the Camera on the TouchPad is junk (1.3MP). There are two cameras on the PlayBook and they run circles around the TouchPad. 5MP rear camera and 3MP on front. Video capturing on the PlayBook is much better than the TouchPad.

    Cost? On eBay the TouchPad is more expensive. Go look. I just listed some PlayBooks from the Staples.ca eBay store and they are dirt cheap...cheaper than when I bought new at $149. So pricewise, the PlayBook wins here.

    Anyhow, I could go on and on here...this is what comes to mind. I have both devices and I use my PlayBook a LOT more than I do my TouchPad...I'd say go with the PlayBook...
    07-04-13 11:42 PM

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