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    I did say a while ago that I would do one of these, so here it is, and once again; all names are linked so you can check them out fully, and all prices are relative to the time this thread was posted.

    When looking for games, you have to search for names like "Union", "HalfBrick", "Gameloft", "Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.", etcetera. Because these are the best games developers, who provide the best content. But I will make a list of my favourites, and you lot can add onto my list afterwards.

    Shadowgun - When I bought my PlayBook, I had the choice of downloading to free games, which now cost around 5. Out of the two, I loved Shadowgun. Understandably, gun-games are rare on PlayBook, so you're pretty lucky to find one like this. It is set in space at first, and then delves deeper as it a bounty hunter, named John, crashes onto a ship. He has to find an evil man, who creates weird creatures. You have to fight your way through over twenty levels of robots and creatures, to get this man's brain, send it to your client, and receive your payment. I recommend this game because it will keep you going for hours!

    Jetpack Joyride - HalfBrick have only released this one game so far, but it's incredibly fun. I wouldn't call it addicting, as it's no Angry Birds, but it is still a fast-pased arcade-like game. Based on the story of a man who one day goes to somesort of building, and sees scientists building a jetpack.. of course, predicatably, he runs into that building and steals this, going for a Jetpack Joyride, hense the name.

    Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus - Some of you may know that there is a new Modern Combat, number 3, but the only reason I didn't put that in rather than this, because of it's lack of multiplayer. Mainstream games like Call of Duty are nowhere to be seen on BlackBerry, and neither on Android or iOS, whereas Gameloft have develped a FPS for touchscreens, and I've got to say, I absolutely love it. Adding onto this, Black Pagasus has online multipayer using GameloftLIVE. Sadly, this game only has one flaw; GameloftLIVE MC2 BP Multiplayer does not work cross-format (as in, iPod players can't join up with you). A great game at 1

    [B]9MM[/B] - I told myslef that I was only going to add one game from each developer, but this one needs to be here. Pretty much everyone has played Grand Theft Auto before, in whatever format, and because GTA has no appearance (alongside most mainstream games), Gameloft have provided an alternative, and it's name is 9MM (9 Millimeter.. as in the gun name), and the gangs want him dead, but they don't know what they're in for. You can play as John "Loose" Kannon (probably a play on 'Loose Cannon'), who is the leader of a team of hardened cops who aren't afraid the bend the law to clean up the streets - as the description goes.

    Angry Birds - One of the more common games, I haven't downloaded this yet for my PlayBook (but I have played it on android previously), here's my thoughts. Agry Birds is a highly addicting game where you have to shoot birds from a catapult at pigs on different sized and shaped structures. This comes in at a hefty price of 5, but for those of you who are dedicated enough, it's a price worth paying.

    Dead Space - This game is not for the faint hearted, but rather for those who like a bit of Sc-Fi with added horror. It is a touchscreen version of the popular game on both XBOX and PS3, and it is equally as scary. Killing of blood-thirsty alien creatures and making your way through an evacuated space station. This also comes in with a hefty price, but even more so as it is 7.

    Monopoly - Many families will have experienced that extremely long-winded game called Monopoly. t could go on for days, because of the way it works. Because some people will like the game more than others, and because of that, Electronic Arts Nederlands B.V. have brought us this: Monopoly for BlackBerry PlayBook, which can be played with the CPU or with other members.. and most of you will play and your own. It can be paused also, which means that, as I have done before, can play a game over several days. Although I'd wait a while for the price to go down, as it is currently 7.

    Galaxy on Fire 2 - Galaxy on Fire 2 is a specially optimized version of the game for other platforms, but either way it looks great with it's stunning HD graphics. There aren't many flying games, as in planes or space ships, so this is great. It's an action-packed space combat game. What some of you've been looking for, but wait.. the price is ridiculous... 10. And as I will mention after my list, the price never goes down. Some of you might pay for it, as you're not taking a risk, it's virtual gold, but the price pushes me away.

    Now because some of these games, especially the ones by Electronic Arts are expensive, I advise you wait, because every few weeks they put sales on, like with Dead Space and Monopoly, at first they costed 7 each, and I wasn't spending 14 for both, so I waited a bit, and got them both for 4 each. This is a prime example of how you can save money on games.

    Thanks for reading. Watch out for Top Applications and Top Games threads on the general discussion forum.
    01-02-13 11:21 AM
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    Can I add - I have "Great Little War Game" on my playbook and it is Fantastic!

    It has fairly simple mechanics, but it takes a lot of time to work through the game..... like months. And the game play is just fun. Highly reccommended. Definitely worth the purchase price.

    It is best for people who like fun, military strategy games.
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    01-02-13 11:45 AM
  3. Ryan Okane's Avatar
    Make minecraft for playbook
    02-03-13 04:33 PM
  4. nikwing's Avatar
    "Cak Durae" also a fun arcade game, simple and perfect for short game session

    BlackBerry World - Cak DuRae
    02-12-13 08:06 PM
  5. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    Sector Strike is a great freebie,,, 8/10 ,,, BlackBerry World - Sector Strike
    02-12-13 09:09 PM

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