10-25-11 11:37 AM
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    30 - 42 = -12.

    Umad bro?
    Gosh darn silly booty kids

    Sad thing is, everything I just said was already pointed out here.


    Thread cleaned of off topic comments. The topic isn't "Is this thread pointless" or to debate trolls.

    List the things you LIKE about the PlayBook. The end.

    And funny... you all complain about the trolls and the comments in this thread... yet not a single one of you reported any of it.
    10-19-11 06:05 PM
  2. corbintechboy's Avatar
    We have to understand that mods are people who generally love what they do and do it for the love of doing it. We need to come together and help the mods clean this site up, we should all do our part.

    I do love the Playbook and really am fine with the way it is. Some of the things that people want I don't really need. My phone seems to do what the Playbook can't and I am one in a few that is okay with this.

    The size is nice, the weight makes it feel like a quality device (there are so many devices being made today that weigh nothing). I love the games! I don't use bridge much but do like the option. The speakers are amazing and I am sure they are louder/clearer then my netbook.

    I am very happy with my purchase and I would gladly do it again!
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    10-19-11 06:11 PM
  3. howl078's Avatar
    I got my PB a week now and I love everything about it.

    1. The form factor is perfect, the screen is gorgeous (it is sharp and crisp).
    2. The app selection is top notch and RIM went for premium quality apps.
    3. I love the multitasking capabilities and how seamless it performs.
    4. I like the notifications for mssgs or incoming calls.
    5. I don't have to pay extra to use wifi, I can tether my 9900 to my PB and being on the road a lot is when you would really appreciate the PB.

    The PB is a gentle yet power house and it is the perfect portable tablet/device.

    Back to playing with my PB
    10-24-11 11:06 PM
  4. anon3969612's Avatar
    1) Size

    Perfect for carrying around or sitting in bed using as an e-reader. Propped on my desk at work in its Targus tri-fold case, it's no bigger than a desk calendar, which it is frequently used for as well as a calculator, weather reporter, e-mail checker, web browser, and incoming cell phone call alert, as I frequently leave my phone on vibrate in my jacket and used to miss many calls. Also works extremely well in the cluttered cab of my service truck for note taking and on-site reports, in addition to the ability to check e-mail & websites through bridge out in remote areas.

    2) Multimedia

    The ability to run a movie out to my HDMI monitor while able to run other apps on the unit is an excellent native feature. 1080P playback is seamless. I can stream from most websites, sports, movies, tv shows, directly output to the HDMI in on my home theatre projector (1 cable, no dongles). Easily view my saved pics from my home server anywhere (Orb app, thanks to Shao's excellent work)

    3) Remote apps

    aVnc, Orb, Freemote all allow me to connect to and either control or stream content from other remote computers. I use them daily.

    4) Bridge

    Seamless and natural extension of my Torch 9810. As all my e-mail accounts are set up on the Torch, I spend a few minutes with the Playbook in the morning replying to e-mail before heading to work. As I always carry the phone & playbook, I have my 'native' e-mail on the Playbook, and new messages arrive on the Torch/Playbook much faster than through the office Outlook setup.

    Overall, a solid device that sees daily use at the office and at home.
    10-25-11 08:56 AM
  5. drecar's Avatar
    im super excited about bbx. i think once the same os is running on tabs and handsets the bridge experience will be very robust. like having a handset player on pb that allows you to use most features on your handset. if i were rim id give people a choice of having thier bb or pb pin associated with bbm, email etc. that users of pb only will have a full experience. if a bb is added then the very robost bridge must be used for a seamless experience. that way the issue of one user, two pins accessing one pim is resolved.

    it would be awesome to make bbx backwards compatible with current bb in use.
    10-25-11 11:37 AM
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